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918KISS APK download 918kiss APK download online slot games for Malaysian, Singaporean, Thais, Indonesian and Bruneian have the highest rated Asia online 918kiss APK download slot machines and you can stand out from the many choices. If you try one site, you might think you have tried all sites. Jun 25, 2020 - Download the most advanced 918kiss Hack APK 2020 now. Get the jackpot win easily with data & statistic of 918kiss slot game machines. 18,852 Downloads. Aug 31, 2020 918KISS APK download 918kiss APK download online slot games for Malaysian, Singaporean, Thais, Indonesian and Bruneian have the highest rated Asia online 918kiss APK download slot machines and you can stand out from the many choices. If you try one site, you might think you have tried all sites. Free to Download Mega888 Apk with Safe Use on this Site. 918Kiss Monster Page is Trusted to All Malaysia, Here Also Available apk Mega888 version of Android and iOS.

918Kiss Original is one of the most popular mobile slot games in Malaysia. Besides that, it is also the most widely played slot game in Asia. In all, according to Kiss918 in 2020, more than 8,452,352 users have downloaded the game.

But why everyone loves Kiss918? This has been a curious question for all casino players in Asia countries. Firstly, Kiss918’s charm is rich odds and it has more than a thousand slot games just in one APK. Besides that, it can be download on the Android operating system and IOS devices. So, gamblers don’t have to travel all the way to a land-based casino to gamble. anymore. Now you can gamble anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a mobile device.

918Kiss Original Android APK & 918Kiss IOS

Android APK and Apple IOS are the two most common operating system in the world. In addition, statistics show that more than 80% of users in the market use Android phones. Well, the Kiss918 discovered that too. So, all of its design and game graphics actually work better on Android mobile devices.

A lot of people might ask is there really any difference between the Kiss918 Android APK and Kiss918 IOS. I would say that’s a big difference. An Android operating system doesn’t crash and lag.

But the IOS version has a lot of these problems. As you know, gambling is a constant battle, and Android phones are technically less power-hungry than Apple’s.

So, I recommend using an Android device when you play 918Kiss. Moreover, to avoid these issues that will affect your gambling mood, Android is the best choice.

918Kiss Malaysia

Why do many people habitually add Malaysia after 918Kiss? Have you thought about that? 918Kiss Original APK is an online gambling game developed by a group of Programmers in Malaysia. But the boss behind their funding is still a mystery.

I believe you’re gonna ask me didn’t Malaysia as the Islamic government stop the spread of online gambling? The answer is yes they did. There are no more underground gambling establishments in Malaysia. So, they are now actively trying to catch the owners of online gambling platforms.

But gamers who love online gambling don’t have to worry because the 918Kiss Original APK has moved its base to Cambodia. So, players can play safely because it’s legal to gamble in Cambodia. Furthermore, if you want to visit our office, you are always welcome. Just remember to make an appointment before you come.

What Is The Different Between 918Kiss And 918Kiss 2?

Both are them are online gambling game software, but 918Kiss 2 can be regarded as a copy of 918Kiss Original. Besides, although the game and interface are the same. But the odds and gameplay are completely different.

Technically 918Kiss Original APK is easier to play and easier to win money. Moreover, a lot of players say are 918Kiss 2 is pirated software, but in fact, it is just modified. Because the programmer who developed 918Kiss 2 started at Official 918Kiss. But fell out with the company and came out and developed his product.

Furthermore, I believe that the players who support 918Kiss Original are wise. So, ensure you think wisely before join or download the APK. If you want to make extra money while gambling, make sure you choose your platform carefully.

How Do I Download 918Kiss Original On PC?

I am sorry to tell you that 918Kiss Original APK does not support any PC version or HTML version download URL. So if you have a bad phone condition, I don’t recommend downloading 918Kiss APK.

Because there are times in the game where you have to react in a timely way to win money. Moreover, if you miss that time, the next time might be a long time away. Therefore, to make sure you have the best gambling experience, I would advise players to make sure your phone can support this super clear and diverse APK.

Who Is The Better Online Casino: 918Kiss Or Mega888?

My answer is Mega888. You might ask me why? Because according to Google monthly search volume 918Kiss APK is ahead of the Mega888. Let’s dive in deeper:

The mobile device operating system we use in Malaysia is either Android or IOS. Neither of them has a PC download URL. So, the player can only download the game on their phone.

But a few months ago, the 918Kiss Original APK can no longer support the IOS devices. As the most widely played game in the online casino, the Official has not given any notice.

Personally, I think it’s irresponsible. Because some of the players have supported you for so long.

On the other hand, Mega888 regardless of what kind of maintenance as long as it affects players; notices will be issued in advance.
The online casino Malaysia is pretty much the same. Furthermore, I believe the players enjoy the service more. And I believe this is why Mega888 APK able to surpass 918Kiss Original APK these few months.

How To Win In 918Kiss Original APK?

  1. Make sure you train with test ID. Furthermore, understand, and know what each casino game does. If you’re going to play a slot game make sure you know the multiple of each symbol. And the winning combinations.
  2. Play baccarat (BANKER PLAYER) more often. Baccarat is the easiest casino game to play. You don’t need any skills to master this game. Because it relies on luck. Moreover, experts Kiss918 also says that long-term betting on BANKER will have a higher chance of winning.
  3. Asked the customer service executive for 918Kiss game tips today.
  4. Google 918Kiss tricks and hacks. You’ll get lots of advice from the casino online experts.
  5. Change 918Kiss ID frequently. A lot of people don’t realize that game ID can have a huge impact on players. Some IDs can keep you winning. Likewise, some can just make you lose.

918kiss Hack Apk Download Apk

Will CMCO In Klang Impact 918Kiss Original?

Yes. From October 9 midnight, Klang will be targeted conditional movement-control order. So, it affects many of the online casino workers who live in Klang. Because of the Kiss918 main office located in Kuala Lumpur.

So, these days the customer service executive who lives in Klang needs to work from home.

Since most of the staff work from home, we cannot monitor closely. We apologies here for not being able to guarantee the service.

Therefore, before the CMCO is released, players can try either Xe88 or Mega888.

The Story About How Nassarudin Won RM250,000 In MEGA888 During Quarantine

Did you read about Nassarudin winning RM 250, 000 in MEGA888 during the 1st quarantine lockdown in Malaysia?

If you have not, then it is a must to read a story as it is truly inspiring and an eye-opener for many on MEGA888 online casino. Let us unfold this story as a reading pleasure for you.

Our hero Nassarudin, comes from a not so well to do family in Kuala Lumpur. His father works as a gardener in a school and his mother sells nasi lemak (Rich coconut rice with spicy sauce wrapped in banana leave) in the mornings outside their home.

Nassarudin had 4 siblings and he was the eldest in the family. So, naturally, all the burden and responsibility fell on his shoulders.

Nassarudin would wake up daily at 4 am to help his mum wrap the nasi lemak and then revise his school work. After school, he would work in a grocery shop to help pack things.

Life was such for Nassarudin till he completed his SPM (High School Leaving Exam).

What Nassarudin and his parents earned was just enough to run the family without going hungry. There was always no money and no luxury. Nasrudin did extremely well in SPM by getting 10 straight A’s but it was of no use as his parents could not afford to let him further his studies. Naturally, Nassarudin took this with great stride and went to work in the grocery store as full-time staff. Since he had worked there before, it was nothing new to him.

Just as he joined as a full-time staff, he met a new staff there too. His name was Jack and he seemed to have come from a well to do family.

He was wearing an Apple watch and using the iPhone Max. Nassarudin became friends with Jack and soon their friendship heightened.

One day Nassarudin plucked up the courage to ask Jack why he was working in a grocery store when he could afford an expensive watch and phone.

Jack smiled at Nassarudin and swiped his iPhone to show him something. At first glance, Nassarudin did not know what it was but it looked like a slot machine.

Jack sat Nassarudin down and explained to him in detail the entire story.

918kiss Hack Apk Download

Jack too was from a middle-class family but his favorite pastime was to play online casino games. To be exact MEGA888 online casino games. Jack was an expert in all the games and was also working as an agent with MEGA888.

Now Nassarudin knew the reason how Jack could afford all these luxuries and felt proud of Jack that although he made a lot of money, he still worked for a living.

As the months went by Jack taught Nassarudin all the tips and tricks on how to play MEGA888 online casino games.

918kiss Hack Apk Download For Pc

Since Jack was an agent with MEGA888, he naturally recruited Nassarudin under his wings. Nassarudin’s registration only took a few minutes and soon he could play all the games.

The only problem was that Nassarudin did not have a smartphone to play the MEGA888 games.

Jack was truly a good-hearted person and gifted Nassarudin an Android smartphone. Just about this time the 1st quarantine lockdown took place and all could not go to work.

Nassarudin took this opportunity to practice all the games on MEGA888 using the Test ID account Jack gave to him. He learned all the strategies behind playing each game and wrote it down.

The Malaysian government was giving out cash to married and single Malaysians to tide them down during the period of no work. As a bachelor, he got RM 500 and he decided to use this money to double and triple it on MEGA888 games.

At first, Nassarudin felt scared that his parents would need the money but he knew deep down that he was ready to play MEGA888 and win at it too. So, he bravely embarked on the first slot game that was easy to play and gave a lot of returns.

Sure enough, he won on his first bet and his money doubled. Nassarudin realized that he was on a winning streak and so carried on with the game.

The best thing about MEGA888 is that it had regular jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao. As Nassarudin was playing he suddenly got the MEGA888 Angpao of RM 8777. He squealed in joy but did not want to stop.

He immediately continued playing with the money he had won. It was like using a small fish to catch a big fish. True enough, lady luck was on Nassarudin’s side. He hit the jackpot prize and collected RM 250,000.

When Nassarudin was playing this game, it was past 2 am. He didn’t shout or scream to wake up his family members. He immediately called Jack and told him the good news.

Jack too jumped in joy as Nassarudin was a recruit under him, so Jack gets commission too. Jack quickly contacted the MEGA888 support team and after a short verification with Nassarudin, the RM 250,000 was in Nassarudin’s local bank account.

Nassarudin could not sleep and he eagerly awaited for his mum and dad to wake up.
He sat both of them down and told them the good news.

They jumped in joy as God has answered their prayers and saved them from poverty during the quarantine lockdown. The next day Nassarudin went to the bank and transferred RM 150,000 to his dad’s account.

He kept RM 100,000 for himself as he wanted to continue his studies part-time. Nassarudin advised his parents to buy a home of their own and to set up a small nasi lemak shop selling online through Grab.
Nassarudin was a lucky guy to win RM 250, 000 from MEGA888.

But did he stop there? Of course not. He went on to do a part-time course in engineering and at the same time joined MEGA88 as an affiliate agent. Now isn’t this a truly inspiring story?

In Conclusion

I know there are many different online casinos in the market, but it’s not so easy to find one that suits you. Furthermore, I can’t guarantee which platform will be the best. But I can show you what most people choose – The Monkey King Club.
So, which casino game do you prefer? The Kiss918 or the Mega888?
Leave your answer at the comment section below!

Best Hack To Use

The 918Kiss Mod APK is the latest hack for the 918Kiss Casino and it is only available for the Android smartphones. The 918Kiss Mod APK was just recently launched not too long ago. We are still unaware of its creators. There are online casinos that are charging a fee to download the 918Kiss Mod APK so you might want to be careful before downloading the hack. A good advice here is that you should do some research before downloading the 918Kiss Mod APK.

We wouldn’t want you to pay for some hack and then when you try to use it, it will not work. So to prevent this from happening, we hope that you do some research before you proceed to download the hack. There are over a few hacks available but currently, the easiest to use and to win money is the 918Kiss Mod APK. The only downfall about this is that it is only available for Android smartphones. You will not be able to get the 918Kiss Mod APK for the Apple devices.

Which Games To Use It On?

With more than 190 games available at 918Kiss Casino, you will surely be confused when using the 918Kiss Mod APK. Since most of the games at 918Kiss Casino consists of slot games, we highly recommend that you use the 918Kiss APK on the slot games. Not just any slot games, we recommend that you use it on the Panther Moon game. The reason behind this is because the Panther Moon game gives you amazing bonuses and the bonuses are easy to obtain.

The best of all the bonuses in Panther Moon is the free spin bonus round and all you have to obtain is just three moonlight symbols. To get three of the moonlight symbols is not hard if you have the 918Kiss Mod APK on your phone. It will help you to trigger the free spin bonus round multiple times. At the Panther Moon game, you can win up to RM3,000 from one free spin bonus round with just RM10 on your bet per spin.

If you have the 918Kiss Mod APK, you might as well spin the maximum bet because you will certainly get plenty of free spin bonus rounds. Once you get a few free spins, you will be rewarded with massive amounts of cash. Set your limit and know when is the amount enough for yourself. Not to mention, if you join our casino as a member, you will be entitled to a few bonuses. Use the 918Kiss Free Credit bonus together with the 918Kiss Mod APK and you will surely make tons of money.

Anywhere Else To Use It On?

If you’re not a fan of the slot games, you can always try the hack at the 918Kiss Casino table games. One of the best casino table games to play at is the blackjack table. This is a very simple game but do you find it hard to beat the dealer’s hand? It often seems that the dealer will be your hand but not with the 918Kiss Mod APK. You will make the dealer pay you as if his commitments wasn’t enough to get paid.

With the 918Kiss Mod APK, you will automatically win the dealer if not make the dealer’s hand bust. We would also like to advice you to play the maximum hands instead of just one hand. There are 5 slots available at the 918Kiss blackjack table. If you have the 918Kiss Mod APK, just play all 5 slots. We only want you to profit more with the 918Kiss Mod APK.


There are so many things that you can do with this hack. It all depends on how you want to use the 918Kiss Mod APK. We have shown you many ways to use the hack on and which of the games that work best with the hack. It’s now up to you whether you want to make a difference in your bank account or not. Worry no more, as you will never lose again with this hack. Get the 918Kiss Mod APK and start making tons of money right now!

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