Adobe Lightroom Hacked Apk Download

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File Lightroom APK on Android

NameAdobe Lightroom
MODGold, Premium
RequiresAndroid 4.4.3

Adobe Lightroom APK is a powerful photo editing software for PC now available on mobile, capable of making your photos stunning in seconds, supporting all editing right on your mobile device. Your.

What is Adobe Lightroom Mobile?

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor APK is a photography tool with tonal editing tools, easy photo cropping. This is a professional photo editing tool that you are indispensable.

With Adobe Photoshop technology’s magic, Lightroom for iOS allows users to create and share professional-quality images from a smartphone or tablet. Adobe’s new RAW HDR feature to Lightroom Mobile gives you the best photo editing app available. By gathering, processing, controlling, and editing flexibility, the maximum results in superb image quality.

How to use Lightroom on smartphones

Download the Lightroom MOD app: You can download this application for Android and IOS platforms according to the link I have given below:

Sign up for an Adobe account: Adobe creates a lightroom. All Adobe’s software and applications are synchronized with each other through one account. So what you need to do first is create an Adobe account, you can use your Gmail to register.

Turn on / off basic options in Lightroom.

In the Preferences section on the Lightroom application interface, you should adjust the settings as follows:

– Turn off the Auto Add New Photos option to avoid automatically adding photos to the app. This will cause the application to stutter, lag when the phone is not configured strong enough, and store too many pictures.

– Enable all three options, as shown above, to help JPGs – the application will fully support PNG/video / Raw file formats (a digital camera format) you need to edit.

In the Photo Import Options section, you choose All Files to add all the photo options to Lightroom.

Professional photo editing on Lightroom

All photos that you have imported into Lightroom software for editing will be saved in the All Photos section. Now you can start editing for the most professional-looking images.

You can tap individual pictures in this album to view information and edit them. These options will be listed in the top left corner of the phone screen.

The photo’s information includes name, size, image format, shooting time, capture device, camera/phone focal length, shutter speed, aperture,… For editing photos, please find the Edit item in the list of options. There will be three features you have to pay to use: Selective, Healing Brush, and Geometry.

1. Selective allows you to select the details of an area and edit the information on that selection.

2. The Healing Brush is used to patch, edit a selection like other selections. This is the feature that helps beautify photos: remove acne, facial moles.

3. Crop allows you to crop photos, choose the aspect ratio of the picture as desired. You can also rotate the image horizontally, vertically, and turn with many different options.

To adjust the brightness of the Lightroom photo, you can look in the Light option to change the options:

  1. Exposure: Increases the brightness of the highlight
  2. Contrast: Adjust the contrast of the photo
  3. Highlights: Brightens the highlights
  4. Shadows: Create shadows

4. Color helps you to adjust the color of a photo in Lightroom:

  • Temp: Adjust the temperature of the image
  • Tint: Adjust the color of the image
  • Vibrance: Adjust the saturation for the saturated area
  • Saturation: Adjust the saturation for the whole image

5. Effects help you to adjust effects for your photos in Lightroom:

  • Clarity: Adjusts the smoothness of the photo
  • Dehaze: Clarification, in details of the photo
  • Vignette: Brightens / blurs the edges of the picture

Also, this Effects section has many options to change the effects for photos that I also rarely use. You can find out more on your own.

6. Geometry

This is one of 3 premium features in Lightroom that distorts the photo and edits the frame according to your desire.
If you are satisfied with the photos after being edited, go to Presets in Lightroom to save them. All steps you edit will be held here. And even the original image will be saved. You can easily compare whether the new photo is beautiful, calm, or not.

Above are six basic toolbars and steps for you to master the Lightroom tool on your phone. If you still have any questions, you can leave a comment below the article. Thank you for watching the article.

Four main features of Adobe Lightroom applicatio

  • 1. Simple photo editing tools

As well as applications other photographers, Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor with full tool photo editing simple as crop images to different proportions, rotate images, color correction, color filters diversity … help picture Your photo is more beautiful, sharper.

  • 2. Built-in presets for quick editing

The application has built-in automatic color filters, helping you to edit a photo easily with many effects quickly.

  • 3. A robust set of color correction tools

Coming to Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor, you will have a robust set of color correction tools. You can easily edit photos with warmer colors, bluish colors, pinkish colors, more vibrant colors … Primarily, the application supports you to edit each color of the picture as you like.

  • 4. Self-guidance and suggestions for each photo

During the editing process, the application will automatically recognize your image and rate and offer editing suggestions to get the best photo.

Adobe Lightroom APK on mobile is an application with many powerful photo editing tools. Please download the application immediately to experience to own the best photos.

With the above advantages of the application, are you ready to download and experience? Please leave comments to discuss.

Adobe Lightroom Hacked Apk Download
Adobe Lightroom APK - MOD Gold, Premium v5.4.1 for Android

Adobe Lightroom APK is a powerful photo editing software for PC now available on mobile, capable of making your photos stunning in seconds, supporting all editing right

Price Currency: USD

Adobe Lightroom Hacked Apk Download Songs

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Multimedia

Adobe Lightroom Hacked Apk Download

Adobe lightroom mod apk


Adobe Lightroom Premium Apk Download

  • Four main features of Adobe Lightroom applicatio