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EXE Bundle - The file joiner 3.15
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The C# Excel Library 2020.12.2
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Quick Maps For Dynamics CRM 3.1
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C/C++ / Games And Entertainment

This is a little game inspired by the old Atari 2600 game 'Combat.'
It is basically complete, except a little polishing (mostly a menu, and better AI). You control a tank, and attempt to destroy the computer's tank.
There are several hazards (such as flame throwers and mines), terrain types (such as water and grass), as well as some simple power-ups. Several pre-made arenas are included, or you can try and make...

PHP / Internet Utilities

WP Wall is a 'Wall' widget that appears in your blog's side bar. Readers can add a quick comment about the blog as a whole, and the comment will appear in the sidebar immediately, without reloading the page.
All comments are...

Vertical Laminar Flow of a Bingham... - Housam Binous

The code computes the velocity profile for the vertical laminar flow of a Bingham fluid down a wall. As expected the profile is flat near the surface of the liquid film. In fact, we have a zero velocity gradient only when the shear stress is large...

Tools / Development Tools

Displays your Facebook wall as a widget or through shortcode on a post or page. Makes use of Fedil Grogan's Facebook Wall Feed for WordPress code and changes suggested by Daniel Westergren.
Extract the zip file...

WP-3D-TWITTER-WALL 1.2 - flashapplications, Joerg Sontag

D Twitter Wall to show Tweets by useing an #Hashtag.
::: Requires php5! ::: <- Check that the save_mod is enabled for Proxy.php!!

PHP / Miscellaneous / phpBB Modules

Painted Wall is a fixed, table-less theme, it supports the COLOR module, that allows you to easily customize the colors of the theme.
Actual Features :
* Customize your colors with the color module
* Cross-browser...

Perl in a Nutshell - Ellen Siever, Stephen Spainhour, Nathan Patwardhan, Linda Mui

Larry Wall, creator of Perl / 'In a nutshell, Perl is designed to make the easy jobs easy, without making the hard jobs impossible.' / Book Description / This complete guide to the Perl programming language ranges widely through the Perl...

Delphi / Date and Time

They are pleased to announce the release of their latest Delphi component product set - 'Aguado' - a set of visible components offering wall chart style year calendar functionality. A universal aspect of most work environments is the wall...

Delphi / Games

A game of spaceships combat with 3 ships to choose and 2 player mode.

Python / Miscellaneous

This is a hack to get around the read-only nature of __closure__ on function objects. Watch your step!

Simple way to execute multiple... - Benjamin Sergeant

Does not require multiprocessing, easy to hack, maybe not optimal but did the job for a make like tool I wrote.

Python / Miscellaneous

I'm a hack programmer -- no formal education. So, I don't know if this is technically a 'factory', 'abstract factory' or something else.
It is a way to generate a class dynamically, perhaps based on run-time...

Nicer struct syntax thanks to Py3... - Daniel Brodie

This is a quick-hack module I wrote up in a couple of hours that allows for a nicer syntax to build up struct-like binary packing and unpacking. The point was to get it to be concise and as C-like as possible. This script requires python3 for it's...

Python / Miscellaneous

This useless hack allows normal functions to be attached to a 'ThunkSpace' which causes the function to be lazily evaluated when the thunk is referenced. It is just a experiment using closures and descriptors to try and change python function call...

Python / Miscellaneous

this is a hack to get the 'foo' module that's outside a package whithin a file of the package, when it also contains a module named 'foo' (ie relative imports)

How to add cookies/headers to SOAPpy... - Gopal Vijayaraghavan

This hack allows you to add a cookie/header to a SOAPpy request. It uses a keyword args all-through to pass your own transports down to the SOAPpy core. It uses the ClientCookie module to store the cookies generated and/or to send the cookies.

Linear equations solver in 3 lines - Maxim Krikun

Just a little bit of hack: a linear equations solver using eval and built-in complex numbers:
>>> solve('x - 2*x + 5*x - 46*(235-24) = x + 2')

Python / Miscellaneous

Hack a class's __init__ method without subclassing the class
because a) you can't modify the original class and b) you can't modify other
classes already using the first class. This is a gross hack that should only
be used to work...

Python / Miscellaneous

A hack to quickly replace multiple
characters/strings in a string with
characters from another string.

Java / Applets / Miscellaneous

This is a configurable wall clock implemented in Java. You can supply your own image and specify the hand colors and lengths.
The adjustable parameters are: loading screen display toggle, delay between animation in milliseconds, hour...

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Combat Arms Eu Nx Hack 2014 Free Download Pc

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