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For Android: 4.0 and upGuide: CrossFire: Legends cheats tutorial
When updated: 2018-05-27Star Rating: 4.7526035
Name: CrossFire: Legends hack for androidExtension: Apk
Author: Tencent GamesFile Name: com.tencent.tmgp.cfmnac
Current Version: Rating: Mature 17+
Downloads: 1000-Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: AndroidType: Education

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As one of the most successful FPS mini games in the globe, CrossFire's mobile ver has been drawing considerable attention from the gaming industry.From managing the most famous FPS mini game on PC in China, the CrossFire squad has gained years of experience understanding users' needs and preferences. That very same understanding served as a tutorial in the making of this mobile ver. CrossFire: Legends aims to create sure its users can receive the same weapon control feeling they had on PC. In order to achieve that, the development squad (the same squad that created the PC ver) conducted tens of thousands of tests. We guarantee our users an exciting mini game experience as well as a fair mini game environment.CrossFire Mobile did more than just copying from its successful PC predecessor, too—breakthroughs and innovations aplenty have been made.The mobile ver uses dual joysticks for its controls. The left one controls heroes' movement while the right one controls aiming and shooting. This simple but precise control system allows users to receive the hang of the mini game in no time. The 2nd gen engine it uses ensures a high quality of graphics, allowing users to immerse themselves in a heavy ultra HD globe!

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  • Create Date 30th May 2021
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CrossFire legends is an online strategic first-individual shooter game created by Smile gate Amusement for Microsoft Windows. It was first delivered in South Korea on May 3, 2007. CrossFire legends download Offline Installer for PC.

Because of its fame in Asia, particularly China and South Korea, it has gotten the world's most-played computer game by player count with a lifetime absolute of 1 billion clients in 80 nations worldwide. It was the world's top-netting internet game as of 2014. And proceeded to get one of the greatest earning computer games of all time,[4] having earned $12 billion in lifetime income starting at 2018.

The game has produced a media establishment. A film variation of the game was reported in October 2015. A Chinese TV dramatization arrangement dependent on the game (named Cross Fire debuted in July 2020, featuring Luhan and Leo Wu. It turned into a business accomplishment with more than 1.7 billion perspectives in China as of October 2020


CrossFire legends download is an allowed to-play first-individual shooter that highlights two hired fighter enterprises named the 'Boycott' and 'Worldwide Danger,' battling each other in an epic worldwide struggle. Players accept the job of either a Boycott or Worldwide Danger soldier of fortune, joining an online group that should cooperate to finish objective-based situations. With the exception of the Zombie mode and Wave mode, every mode can uphold a limit of 16 players, each partitioned into a 8-man group.

Players advance and ultimately be advanced through different military positions, starting at learner, with the most noteworthy being Marshall. Players can likewise tweak their character's gear and appearance through in-game things. CrossFire legends download. Click Here

CrossFire has a free cash which is designated 'Game Focuses' (GP), which is acquired through playing and finishing matches, purchasing premium things that award reward GP, or satisfying certain missions. Premium and unique things like adjusted weapons must be purchased utilizing financial monetary forms. The substance will in general change from one adaptation to another.


CrossFire includes a few game modes, each with one of a kind guides and rules.

Group Deathmatch


Groups pursue objectives, like first to x numerous executes, or the group with the most slaughters.

Search and Obliterate

Boycott's goal is to plant and explode a C4 charge in an assigned spot or execute the entirety of the Worldwide Danger players. Worldwide Danger's goal is to kill all Boycott players or keep Boycott from planting and exploding the charge inside the match's time limit. Players don't respawn. Gathers last together to 3 minutes.

Free for All

No groups, groups slaughter however many players as could reasonably be expected. Players respawn at various areas. The round closes when a player arrives at the kill quantity for the match or the clock runs out. Weapon limitations exist for this mode.

Like TDM, aside from players don't respawn when slaughtered. In certain guides, players start just with their skirmish weapons and should get firearms pre-set in the guide. Gathers last together to three minutes, with Worldwide Danger defaulting in successes.

Concealment Mode

Another, and a lot quicker Pursuit and Annihilate. Each Boycott player gets a bomb, and brings forth a couple of meters from the bomb plant site. The Worldwide Danger should storm their protections and incapacitate the bomb before it explodes.

Phantom Mode

All Boycott soldiers of fortune have intangibility and skirmish weapons, while all Worldwide Danger hired fighters are completely apparent, however can utilize every single accessible weapon. Boycott produces a weighty breathing sound, strides, sprinkles while going through water, and furthermore become altogether apparent while moving.

Shadow Mode

A variation of Phantom Mode. A player turns into a Shadow hero which is a high level phantom character. This mode presents security gadgets like Sensors, Lasers and Sprinklers to find the Shadow champions. In this guide, there sure pieces of the floors which are covered with various surfaces (counting broken glass) that make more clamor than others, making. It simpler for the Hired fighter Officers to hear the Shadow Champion developments.

Transformation Mode

A couple of players contaminated and changed 20 seconds into the round. At the point when the time up or all freaks are dead, the warriors win. On the off chance that every one of the fighters transform or pass on, the freaks win. Freaks thumped in reverse when shot.

Departure Mode

A game mode where the Boycott group must 'escape' through a gateway a specific number of times while the Worldwide Danger group attempts to forestall them. There are dividers and entryways that can be annihilated to make the getting away from group's work simpler or are a necessity to get away, at half time the groups switch sides (assuming the group completes the process of getting away early, they promptly switch sides. In the event that they don't finish their objective, the other group just needs to complete what the other group began).

Legend Mode

The game plays for the most part like Change mode, yet includes a 'Legend' character. 20 seconds into the cycle, one to three players arbitrarily will transform and one will end up being the 'Saint'. Additionally, freaks here will proceed to respawn when murdered except if they are slaughtered with a headshot.