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Top 10 Facebook ID Hacking Apps Free Download

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We all know Facebook's power of influence in today's world, is not it? It's the only platform where virtually everyone you know is available. People use it for professional, personal and social reasons. People use it to stay connected with other people, to network, to promote their business, and many other things. If you are a parent, you can be sure that if you hack your children's Facebook ID, you will discover all their secrets and you will be better prepared to protect them from the outside world, to protect them from inappropriate content, harassment, sexual messages, etc. If you suspect your spouse is fooling you, you can find evidence if you hack his/her Facebook ID.

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Whatever your reasons, if you're wondering how to hack a Facebook ID, look no further. In this article, we will show you the 10 best Facebook hacking apps available.

Part 1: FB ID Hacker - mSpy

mSpy is currently one of the leading Facebook ID hacking applications on the market. It is currently the undisputed leader of his segment for various reasons. This is one of the most user-friendly Facebook ID hacking apps that offers 24/7 technical support. It is also much cheaper than any other application that offers this wide range of features.

Features of the Facebook ID Hacker mSpy:

  • GPS location can help you know exactly where the spy phone is.
  • Hack all social media accounts, including Facebook, and find out who someone is talking to, what they are talking about, etc.
  • Access the media gallery and browser history.
  • With the Keylogger function, discover all the keys used on the device so that you can find all the passwords.


  • Hack facebook messenger online.
  • Very simple to hack a Facebook account.
  • 24/7 technical assistance.
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • A flexible payment structure.
  • This is a solution without debridement, so you do not risk that the target phone is damaged or that the target person discovers that it is spied.


  • The most complete packs subscriptions can be a bit expensive.


$ 29.99 per month.

Part 2: Facebook ID Hacking Application - Flexispy

Flexispy has been able to forge a name in the Facebook ID hacking applications market in a very short time. It is easy to use and has very good features

Features of Flexispy Facebook ID Hacker:

  • Track messages and calls.
  • GPS location tracking,
  • Internet browser history database.
  • Facebook ID hacking and ability to block Facebook friends and contacts.


  • It has all the features needed to hack a Facebook ID.
  • You can absolutely take control of the mobile phone if you wish.
  • Block some web pages from the phone.
  • Spoofing: You can send messages from another person's Facebook phone account, pretending to be it.


  • It has frankly invasive features like Spoofing, with which not everyone is comfortable.
  • You have to buy a license for a minimum of one year and it's quite expensive.


$ 149.00 per year minimum.

Part 3: Facebook ID Hacking Application - Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is one of the other leading names in the Facebook ID hacking application market, with a large number of features, more than 25 in total.

Features of Mobile Spy Facebook ID Hacker:

  • Access to call logs. Find out who's calling, who's being called, how long they're talking, etc.
  • GPS tracking and geo-fence.
  • Hacking Facebook ID remotely.
  • Switch to Incognito mode to avoid being spotted.
  • Block suspicious contacts from the phone.


  • A lot of useful features.
  • An excellent technical support staff, willing to guide you patiently during the setup process.
  • If you purchase the full version of the app, you also get their Spy Sniper software that also allows you to spy on computers, with a holistic tracking of the online footprint.

Copy9 Reviews


  • It has compatibility issues with Windows phones, which causes a disruption in functionality.
  • Presents technical problems on some versions.


From € 29.99 for one month.

Part 4: FB ID Hacker - Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile must be installed on the target device, after which it does all the work of collecting information itself and you do not have to be near the target phone. As long as the target phone and your device have a stable internet connection, you will receive all Facebook updates and you will be able to hack the Facebook ID of your own free will.

Features of the Highster Mobile Facebook ID Hacker:

  • Pirate the Facebook ID
  • Snapchat Pirate, Twitter, and all other social networks.
  • Spy on the contents of the target phone.
  • Spy on the target person and his location through the phone.


  • Extremely powerful.
  • Sold with a money back guarantee within 30 days if the software does not work.
  • Works with all phones and operating systems.


  • It has performance issues, so some data may be transmitted late.
  • A delay when using certain features has been noted by users.


$ 69.99

Part 5: FB ID Hacker - MobiStealth

MobiStealth is a reputed Facebook computer hacking application that is primarily marketed in corporate environments. It has all the standard hacking features like other apps so you can use it for any hacking Facebook purpose, but it's even more present in business environments. It is usually used by employers on corporate phones to monitor employees.

Features of the MobiStealth Facebook ID Hacker:

  • Pirate the Facebook ID
  • Monitor sms, calls and internet browser.
  • GPS location.
  • The ability to erase all content from the phone remotely.
  • The ability to use the microphone to listen to the surroundings.


  • Stable and reliable.
  • Ideal for professional environments.
  • 30 day refund policy.
  • You can buy a license for only 2 weeks, if a month seems too much.


  • Does not have some advanced spy features unlike some of the other apps on this list.


Presents a wide variety of packs for different phones.

Part 6: Facebook Hacker Application - iSpyoo

iSpyoo is a Facebook hacking application that tracks all of the target's Facebook activities in real time, sending you updates and notifications as they happen.

Features of the iSpyoo Facebook ID hacker:

  • You can listen to the environment using the microphone.
  • Recording calls and messages.
  • Hacking Facebook and social networks.


  • This is one of the few applications that can be installed on multiple phones at once.
  • Compatible with different phone models.
  • Because it can be installed on many different phones, it is ideal for those seeking more advanced and extensive capabilities to hack a Facebook ID.


  • The connection is often defective, so you may be slow to receive certain notifications sometimes.


$ 54.00

Part 7: FB ID Hacker - Spyera

Spyera is a Facebook hacking application with all the usual features, but in addition to these, it also has some unique stuff under the elbow!

Features of the Spyera Facebook ID Hacker:

  • Recording calls and messages.
  • Interception of calls and messages. This means that you can spy on live phone calls and read text messages when they are exchanged in real time.
  • Remote hacking of all features.
  • Ability to infiltrate all social network accounts and interact by masquerading as the target individual.


  • Interception of calls.
  • Real-time SMS reading.
  • It also helps to monitor Blackberry, which is unique to this application.
  • You can monitor multiple phones with one subscription, which can be convenient for parents with multiple children or employers.


  • Technical support is very low because there is no live chat option. It is provided through the old 'send request' option, which means that you do not receive help immediately if you need it.
  • The iPhone must be unbridled if you want to hack the Facebook ID. This can be risky for the iPhone, as it will make it vulnerable to malware, and an intelligent user would discover that his phone has been unbridled so he could be spying on it. In addition, the connection would be broken if the unbridling is lost, which can happen as soon as the iPhone is updated.


$ 189.00 for 3 months.

Part 8: Facebook ID Hacker Application - TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy offers all the same features as previous Facebook ID hacking apps, and it offers nothing special, but its biggest advantage is its price.

Features of TheTruthSpy Facebook ID Hacker:

  • Because of the stealth mode, it can work without being detected.
  • Recording of calls and recording of messages.
  • Blocking of contacts and websites.
  • Receive alerts every time the SIM card is changed.


  • All the necessary features are available.
  • Cheap.
  • Very simple user interface.


  • Incompetent technical assistance.
  • Bad information on the 'Information' page.


Starting at $ 16.99.

Part 9: Facebook ID Hacking Application - Copy9

Copy9 is a simple and convenient application for Facebook ID hacking that features the minimal features needed to hack a Facebook ID and a dashboard with which you can manage a target account.

Features of Copy9 Facebook ID Hacker:

  • The dashboard can help you hack the Facebook ID and access all images, messages, and more.
  • Remote control of the target phone.
  • Calls and SMS logs.
  • Access to the history of the Internet browser.


  • Simple user interface.
  • Interactive technical support available 24/7.
  • Real time update of Facebook messages.


  • Packed with defects that make use difficult sometimes.


$ 14.30

Part 10: Facebook ID Hacker Application - iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a Facebook ID hacking application that can connect to all the information of a target phone after the installation of the application, and it sends you periodic updates to your registered email address.

Features of the iKeyMonitor Facebook ID Hacker:

  • Monitors the target phone quietly in the background.
  • Keep track of all keys used and all web pages visited.
  • Take random screenshots from Facebook and send them to you.


  • Provided with a trial period of 3 days so you can decide if you like the app.
  • It is available in many different languages ​​so you can use it in your native language.


  • It can not send updates to live Facebook conversations, but only periodically.
  • The iPhone must be unbridled, which makes it more risky.


$ 39.99

That's it, you now know all about the top 10 apps that can hack the Facebook ID from the market. All have advantages and disadvantages, as mentioned above. However, our personal recommendation is mSpy which has a wide variety of features and is extremely affordable.

We wish you all the best.


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