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Stick war legacy is a widely- recognized popular game that is developed with a motive to kill the zombies who crave for your blood. The story of the game circles around managing the army to gain superiority across the nation that would then help in capturing maximum areas.

The I, Zombie hack is a common hack for Plants vs. Zombies which is achieved through editing saved games or PvZ Tools. Click here to download PvZ Tools. Unlike most hacks, it does not require Cheat Engine or other external hacking programs, unless if you are using PvZ Tools. War Planet Online is a tactic MMO military game that pits players against each other in PVP clashes on a real-world map, managing a real-time strategy in the war zone. Play with RTS players from around the world who can either become members of your alliance and help you conquer nations, or become the next target of your guns.

Being developed in the usual style, the game lovers can further enjoy intuitive controls right after gaining superiority. The developer of the game has made it an interesting one as it requires one to collect the resources, train the army to make it an efficient one and offering them exclusive knowledge about the weapons and, in the end, fight.

The utilization of magical power weapons within the game works wonder, giving you appropriately perfect gaming experience.

Features of the game/ gameplay

  • Zombie mode- Ever wondered what would happen if zombies appear in front of you? Upon choosing to play this game, you as a gamer is basically reflecting your deep interest in such deadly horror games. The zombie mode of the game makes it an interesting one as the player has chosen to compete for the horrible looking zombies who are actually behind you in thirst of your blood.
  • Interesting gameplay- Where the game developers choose to have much similar gameplay, having stick war legacy mod APK downloaded in your android would offer the enhanced level of excitement. The gameplay comprises the world which is surrounded by different nations.
    As a player, you are expected to achieve superiority with the utmost desire to influence your power over the opponents, thereby imposing your way of living on several nations. Having the power would actually give the feeling of being the god in the virtual world of the game.
  • Different mode- Upon choosing to play this game, you as a player has decided to choose the variety in games. This means if you own a personality who lacks interest in the zombie mode of the game can play the tournament mode. The multiplayer option availability raises the level of excitement within the game via gaining victory within the battles with an aim to achieve the superiority badge.
Download Plant War HackPlant

Highlight the Mod APK

With an aim to destroy the enemies (zombies in the game), you are the superhero of the game who is first obliged to achieve the status of superiority to rule the nation.

From building up units and mining gold to learning those exclusive ways to use the sword, capturing the territory is all that you would have to run behind. When updated, the developer adds new giant skins teaser as well as the endless dead daily leader board.

Having different mods available for the games, you as a player will require the addition of infinite gem right after satisfying the first stage. Later spending some infinite upgrade points. The game gets further exciting as the player can later mine some infinite gold too.

Details of Stick War Legacy Mod APK

Name of the applicationStick War Legacy Mod APK
Developer NameMax Games Studios
Android Version 4.4+
APK Version 1.11.152
Size of the app84 MB

Gameplay Screen


Along with exciting gameplay and perfection in the storyline set for the game, having star war legacy hack downloaded within your android devices is something that would give you outstanding gaming experience.

From managing the army to destroying the enemies with both power and wisdom can help/polish skills and your ability to strengthen the strategy of playing the game. Played all the stages? Do share your experience with us in the comment box below!

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Download Plant War Hacked

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