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Developer: Episode Interactive
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Size: 78.97 Mb



Episode - Choose Your Story (MOD Unlock All - FULL) - is a real-life emulation in which gamers can live lives in thousands of different scenarios. Game is interesting precisely plot variations, and by choosing one of them, you need to act solely on basis of personal experience. Also, each character is endowed with its original character, external indicators and many others. Even visual range is beautifully set.

In this game you will search for your soulmate to participate in love stories, dramas and mystical events. Just imagine, thousands of options for the development of the plot, finals of which can build only one person and this is you. Here the dialogues are well written, and life of characters seems to be the most realistic. And yet, very soon you yourself will become the creator of a new story.

Download Episode - Choose Your Story

Everyone dreams of being part of a romantic storyline. If you're tired of your relationships not going your way, why not create a virtual world where you have total control?

Episode: Choose Your Story offers you a digital playground where you create a story featuring you as the main character. This fantastic storytelling game comes from the minds of developers at Episode Interactive.

Episode: Choose Your Story allows you to do just that - you get the option of creating a game world with any theme you want. Choose from drama, romance, comedy, fantasy, and mystery storylines, and start playing the first chapter.

Episode: Choose Your Story works with a digital currency - Passes and gems. Passes let you play any story mode, and gems act as currency to help you make better choices in the game that enhance your experience.

Are you wondering how to get unlimited passes on Episode? We have a few ideas and tools that help you discover how to get free gems on Episode.

Players can purchase gems and passes in-app. Many people wonder how to get free gems on Episode without downloading apps.

Episode Apk Download Mod

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get free passes and gems in the game if you know where to look. This post unpacks a few hacks and tips you can use to get free gems and passes in Episode.

How Long Do You Have to Wait for Passes on Episode?

The game automatically issues you a few free passes when you sign up and start playing. However, it's not enough if you want to binge through a storyline. You need details on how to get free passes on Episode without human verification.

Previously, players could gain more free passes through bringing referrals to the platform, but Episode changed that a few months ago, and the hack no longer works. Fortunately, there are still methods to get free gems for Episode without human verification.

Episode free gems and Episode free passes offer you a

If you want to take the normal route without any hacks, you have the following options to get free passes for Episode.

  • Wait for 4-hours for the platform to recharge your 3-free passes
  • Playing a new story gives you one free pass to start
  • Find and follow a special link from an Episode partner

It takes four hours for the Episode platform to recharge your three free passes. That means you get six free recharges in 24-hours.

However, these recharge freebies don't accumulate, and if you don't use them, they Episode won't issue more until you use them.

How Can You Get Free Unlimited Passes on Episode?

So, how to get free passes on Episode? As mentioned, passes and gems are a critical part of the gaming experience with Episode. If you're going to buy Episode passes, you get three for a little over a dollar, which is good value.

However, without a free alternative for passes, dedicated players can end up spending hundreds of dollars on passes to keep the storyline moving.

Finding an Episode free gems link or free gems for Episode can significantly improve your gameplay.

Fortunately, it's possible to get free passes for Episode, provided you know where to look. A few online generators offer free passes and gems but don't fall into the trap of downloading random files just to get ahead in the game.

Choose a safe and reliable online generator, and avoid giving your user password to anyone.

Is Episode Mod APK Safe to Use for Episode Unlimited Gems and Passes?

If you want episode hacks that actually work, try the Episode mod APK unlimited passes hack. With this mod, you can find out how to get free passes on Episode without waiting.

Episode Game Hack Mod Apk Download

When downloading the Episode APK, ensure you check your provider offers you all the episode unlimited passes and gems APK can give you for your gameplay experience.

An Episode mod APK unlimited gems and passes download gives you the following features for your gameplay.

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  • Episode hack live for unlimited Free Passes
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  • Easy, user-friendly installation of Episode mod APK
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  • Auto-update Episode hack iOS download for easy use
  • Episode choose your story mod APK latest version releases regularly updated
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device! You get Episode gems online without human verification
  • The Lucky Patcher tool for the episode mod APK unlimited gems and passes download deliver excellent results

Are There Episode Hack Without Human Verification That Actually Works?


Yes, there are a few methods like generators and downloadable files that work for Episode free passes and gems.

While an episode unlimited gems APK is a great mod for the game and brings plenty of free episode gems no verification needed; it's not the only route to go for free passes and gems on Episode.

Here are a few Episode free passes hack that teach you how to hack Episode without any mods or additions to the game.

Take a minute to read through these legit Episode hack no-survey methods. They cost nothing but a few moments of your time.

Free Passes Every 4-Hours

As mentioned, the platform loads you three new passes every four hours, for free.

Create a Story for Passes and Gems

You get free gems and passes when other users start playing and investing in your storyline.

Episode Game Hack Apk Download Pc

Link with Social for Free Gems and Passes

This one-time reward gives you free passes for promoting the game on your social channels.

Complete Daily Challenges for Free Gems and Passes

You get a free pass by reading four chapters of another user's story. The platform also offers daily challenges, with rewards available in free passes and gems.

Special Links for Passes and Gems

Episode Game Hack Apk Download Free

Some YouTubers offer special promotion codes for Episode. Check the description box of your favorite creators for special links to free passes in Episode.

Episode Game Hack Apk Download

Referrals and Ratings Earn Your Free Passes

The platform used to reward you for referring friends to the game. However, Episode stopped this incentive a few months ago.

In Closing - Join a Forum and Speak to Other Gamers

Episode Apk Download For Kindle

If you want to know where to find the best hacks, tips, and promo codes for Episode, speak to the other players on a gaming forum. Find a thread about Episode, and start reading. Chances are you'll find plenty of great hacks and tips for earning more gems and passes to the game.