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The complicated algorithms found in the software of any program are making it almost impossible for the amateur hackers to proceed with their jobs. For several years now, Facebook has become the main target of the hackers due to its expanding popularity. Consequently, our team of professionals has developed a panel in order to empower the mass strain.

What is Facebook hacker ?

The Facebook software has an enormous security wall built into it. Even so, it still has some vulnerabilities which we can exploit. Using those vulnerabilities, we developed a panel which relies on a Facebook hacker script to hack any account for you. Our FLM panel uses the 'EH_DIRECTPHANTOM-SCRIPT' to barge into the Facebook server and make the account password recovery possible if the password is longer than 20 characters.' OR 'possible if the password is not longer than 20 characters. In many cases, the process takes 1 to 4 minutes, apart from rare cases where it could last for several hours. You don't have to do almost anything – our panel will have the work done for you in no time. It is easy, safe, anonymous and free of charge.

How Does Facebook Hacking Work?

Our system consists of several aspects that we will explain below. Of course, for security reasons, we will not give all the details away.
Here are the main points on which our algorithms are based on; We know that there are vulnerabilities on the Facebook site which will allow the hacking algorithms to make a large number of attempts at miming the targeted Facebook account (also known as brute force). In the cases where the password is longer than 20 characters, we will proceed using the 'EH_DIRECTPHANTOM-SCRIPT,' a script developed in-house by our hackers, who will pretend to be the user of the target account. The script will be injected into the FB servers and retrieve the secret question to return it to our database.

What do you need to do to hack a Facebook password?

What you need to do first is to spot the target whose account you want to hack. Whether it’s your friend(s), your best friend, or just someone you come across by chance on FB. Go to his profile and copy his ID (as indicated in the image below) into our hacking panel and we take care of the rest.

What is involved in Facebook hacker?

Our website allows you to hack any FB account in just a few minutes. To get started, you just need to insert the ID of an existing FB profile and let us do the job for you. Our team offers quality service, backed up by a very powerful Facebook hacker tool with over 6 years of experience. With us, you can have fun hacking the profile of your choice.
This script will enter the social network’s database to retrieve the e-mail, password and the secret question from your victim! We can access more than one billion registered accounts as our tool is programmed to do so without limits. We offer you the convenience to crack any account easily with your browser and without the installation of any software. It would take an extra twenty paragraphs for you to understand the whole script, so just know that it is developed with very complex algorithms to exploit weaknesses in the facebook security system, thus making it possible to hijack the targeted account. Once obtained, the password is not usable in itself, because it is encrypted. It is at this point that the second step follows: the decryption of the password. After that, the concrete password is obtained and you will have access to all the information you want! This is cutting edge technology!

Anonymous Facebooking Hacking Services

Because we care about your safety and anonymity, we use several VPN servers. That way, we will guarantee you full anonymity, the best security and a quality service.

Our Value

en.Faceckear is free a platform that allows you to learn how to hack Facebook accounts of your loved ones without any effort or computing knowledge. You don't have to be a super hacker to access the desired Facebook account. It has an easy-to-use panel.

An easy to use panel

As we have mentioned above, how to hack Facebook Account with our help is really easy. Our panel will give you access to a platform from which you can access all the hidden pictures, messages, and so on, related to any account you may want to check. You can also delete the content of that account if you so wish.

No special kkills needed to use Facebook hacker

'What was created by the technical can be destroyed by the clinical' – a sentence so often heard being said by the cinematographic hackers. The parole has definitely been proved as a truthful one. That is why the Unending chase between the hackers and the 'healthy' software developers has been going on for quite some time. While Facebook is building a strong Facebook Security Emergency Team, the hackers are growing a persistent army. The crash of the weaker is now only a matter of time.

Why is Facebook hacker free?

The proof that Facebook is the most prominent and the biggest curiosity-waking network out there lies in the fact that the most frequent browser search results related to Facebook, also include hacking. More and more people are constantly searching for different ways to get a peek into other people's activities. Since we are not here to judge, but to help, that is one of the reasons why we offer such service completely free of charge. Our ergonomic and intuitive interface provides you with an opportunity to end the agony of wondering about the secret activities of the people who made you doubtful and suspicious; it takes you right where you want to be.

The Facebook users are repeatedly wondering and asking why we do not create and upload a tool with a tutorial on Facebook hacker. We tend to give them an explanation relying on two actual facts. First of all, trying to hack a Facebook account by yourself could put you in danger with respect to security; that is why anonymity of the people we provide with our service is our main priority. Secondly, putting our idea, not in an application but on a panel, was also done for the same purpose: to spare you the time and effort of downloading the uncountable software setups and applications. It is much easier and safer for you to just copy the profile ID of the victim in our panel's search box. Therefore, we are all about you.

If you are interested into hacking and looking for hacker full form then you are on the right page.

Here on this page, I will also provide you some basic hacker information.

Hacker Full Form

H: Hide IP

A: Aim Victim

C: Crack Encrypt

K: Kill Firewall

E: Enter into System

R: Return Anonymous

Now Let me Explain every single term.

Hide IP

Just like our House Address, Every device has address on the internet. This is known as IP address.

If you want to find out your computer/mobile ip address then search on the Google my Ip.

IP address can track user location, ISP provider information.

Now Hide IP meaning changing Ip address. It is possible to change IP address. It is possible with help of VPN services. Read more here about VPN

A: Aim Victim

This is common definition. Victim refer to owner of the device that hacker want to hack. You already know meaning of Aim

C: Crack Password

Crack Encrypt are the terms used in hacking. Cracking generally refers to password cracking.

This password is not specific. Because every other computer & account has a password.

K: Kill Firewall

Download Ultimate Facebook Hacker V.3.5.1 (full Version)

Firewall is basically network security system that monitor & control incoming & outgoing network traffic.

Now Kill Firewall means bypass the firewall.

E: Enter into System

The next step after killing a firewall is inter into the system. Now the system can mean database, computer, or server.

R: Return Anonymous

After hacking into system & doing whatever you want to do the next step is return Anonymous.

In simple terms get come without leaving any clue.

Hacker Types

Generally there are 3 types of hackers.

  1. Blackhat
  2. Whitehat
  3. Greyhat


These are bad persons. Normal we refer to this type of hacker who hack into system for no reason or to make money.

All the bad hacking news you saw are example of blackhat hacker.



These type of hacker provides security. They are also known as ethical hacker. Ethical hacker Job is to protect company from blackhat hackers.


A greyway hacker is depends upon money. He just want to earn money. Doesn’t Matter Either project is about protecting or breaking.

Famous hacker in the World

These are some super famous hacker in the world.

Kevin Mitnick: Kevin Mitnick is started a career as blackhat hacker. He hacked North American Defense Command in 1983. He spent 5 years in prison.

Facebook Hacker Full Version Download Full

But now he is a white-hat hacker who provides security to other companies. He has written several books such as the ghost in the wires, The Art of Deception.

Anonymous: This is a group of hackers that started in the year 2013. There are so many websites hacked by Anonymous group so far.

Marcus Hutchins: Back in 2017-18 Computers at large scale were attacked by a wannacry Ransomeware. Ransomeware is basically encrypted your data. If you want your data back then you need to pay money to the hacker.

Microsoft was unable to find a solution to this problem. Then British computer researchers find a solution to decrypt this ransomware.

Microsoft pays him handsome amount of money. But he donated all money by saying I’m not Hero

Jonathan James: James hacked NASA & defense Department Computer just for Fun. He did back in 2000 when he was just 16 years old. But later on in 2008 he committed suicide. He was in depression for long time.