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I’ve been hearing a ton of rumors of this “Username Hacker” on Fantage. So today I’m here to tell you about what I know and what’s possible.


A. If you think about it, extremely complex passwords (like cop_cazke9328_loz3) would have to take a long time to decode and find the password. If this so-called-hacker really works, someone would have to take months to program this. And after all their hard work, free? No way. No one gives a generator for free unless it spams you with ads or viruses. Let’s say we’re hacking pinkstardust (who most people would aim for). Say her password is swp_iamaw3som3479v4. That could take about (let’s say) 37 hours to find using that generator (which you paid for). How are you even going to keep your computer on for that long?

ATTENTION: ok guys i will not be able to do this anymore due to trade n sell closing. Fantage Cheats for Clothes. This cheats basically allows you to explore the world of Fantage without having to wear shoes. In order to do this though, you need to own a dance party clothes outfit. Any one will do. First, open your inventory and put on any of your dance party outfits. Now exit your inventory.


B. Okay. You stuck a charger in your laptop and decide everything’s fine. Well if you didn’t know, most generators require you to be on Fantage so it can scan threw files. Well are you going to wiggle your mouse every 14 minutes and 59 seconds? I’m not. Now let’s say it’s early in the morning, you got your coffee, and your ready to play fashion shows on your account 27/7. Time passes to 36 hours and 59 minutes. You think you win? Nope. During those 37 hours (>.> Pinkstardust) Fantage probably would of already found out you tried hacking in their system. Now for option two. You’ve finally finished those 37 hours and got the password. You type it in, guess what? Yep, it doesn’t work. Why you ask? Because (supposedly) pinkstardust changes her password everyday. You’ve wasted your time.


So as you read, most likely hackers wouldn’t even AIM for you unless you are famous (are is different from think).

If someone says they have been hacked there’s only a couple of options:

A. Pity me! Some people might want you to pity them and make you give them an account. Most likely they’re lying, but if you’re reading this post…Know you know.

B. I forgot…Another option is that the person either forgot their password and confirmation email, or typed it wrong.

Fantage hack download 2015 download

Fantage Hack Download 2015 Windows 7

C. Err…About that…Some people just say that they have been hacked because they want attention…For example:

(This is a random example with random names, thanks Pandii for helping!)

Well, in conclusion, you guys should be perfectly fine, including the people in the Hall of Fame.


Oh yeah and…A hack that generates your confirmation email is a load of … junk.

Fantage Hack Download 2015 Full

Have nice day :3

Fantage Hack Download 2015 Full