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Hello everyone,
Ferib is back with another great tool!
The tool is called 'Ferib's Waypoint Bot' and will automatizates your character movement!
To start the tool, just open Wow (32bit) and then open my tool, the tool will attach itself to wow if a 32bit client has been found.
After thats done, just create a new profile and start recording your waypoint. You can then click the start button if your profile is ready for use!
Here is a quick video tutorial on how to use my tool:
Have a great time using my tool, the tool is up-to-date for Legion (current version).
You don't have to worry about updating the tool, i will update the offsets/data server side.
Any feedback / bug report is always welcome in commands! (or PM me)
DOWNLOAD - 6/60 - Legion (32 Bit)

Ferb Hack Download Windows 10

Ferib's Dot Map
What Does Ferib's Dot Map do?
Ferib's Dot Map is a tool that allows you to see all players on a external map. This means you can also see enemy players by using this tool. The external map is visible on our website, this means you can share our website with your team so they also know where the enemys are. You cannot get banned for vieuwing a website like this. So your team does not risk to get banned, only if you use the tool to send the data to the website.
How Does It Work?
Atleas one player in the battleground has to open a third-party programme that will scan the battleground. The tool can be downloaded from here and is free to use. A new 'room' will be visible on the website after you started the tool. Now you can share the website with your team and enjoy the battleground.
Where Can I Download The Tool?
Here is a list of suported versions + download links
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Ferb hack download windows 10

Ferb Hack Download Windows

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