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All the software at zorbus.net is free. If you like Gold Box Companion or any other stuff at zorbus.net, consider donating a small amount via PayPal (you can donate without registering).

SSI's AD&D 'Gold Box' games were released in 1988-1992 and set in the fantasy worlds of Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance. They were among the best of turn-based CRPGs and are still being played today.

Gold Box Companion is a tool for all the Gold Box games plus Unlimited Adventures and the two SSI's Buck Rogers games. It offers automapping, easy-to-use journal entries and helps with some of the interface issues to make playing a little less tedious.

  • HUD above DOSBox window with hit points, character icons, XP meters and effects. Shows good effects in green, bad in red. Also shows if a character is level drained.
  • Fix-command for Pool of Radiance. Works with the other games as well. Instantly heals the characters. Optionally also fixes level drained characters. Can not be used while in combat.
  • Temporarily change demihuman race to human to avoid experience level limits.
  • Optional level up without visiting training halls and without race-/game-related level limits.
  • Store the list of memorized spells and restore the spells with a single click. Can not be used while in combat.
  • Automap with party location. Notes can be added to the map.
  • World map view. Shows party location in some games.
  • Combat view. Shows character / monster locations. Shows if character/monster is held or helpless.
  • Journal entries.
  • Optional auto-identify of items.
  • Optional auto-ammo increases the amount of arrows / bolts / darts to a wanted level.
  • Autodisable quickfight after combat. Some of the older games didn't disable quickfight between fights so you could enter a dangerous fight with quickfight on.
  • Character editor. Reads/modifies memory so it's instant compared to save file editors. Can not be used while in combat.
  • Teleporting. You can teleport to a chosen location on the map. You can also teleport on the world map in some of the games.
  • Save Game Editor. You can edit party composition (swap members in / out), edit inventories and effects.
  • Some modding tools for changing the font and editing game data.
  • Lists saved games chronologically with a description of the location (map name).
  • Able to backup to latest save game with a description.
  • Playing paladin or ranger in Pool of Radiance. Can be exported to Curse of the Azure Bonds.
  • Very experimental monk class for Pool of Radiance. Can be exported to Curse of the Azure Bonds.

v2.65 (10-Jun-2021)
  • Better handling of party composition changes. Adding or removing characters or NPCs should no longer cause an error during gameplay. GBC now also updates its HUD when a member is added or removed, or when the order of party members has changed. This hopefully fixed some related glitches when using GBC with The Dark Queen of Krynn: the HUD wasn't updated properly when certain NPCs left the party, combat map monsters seemed to be invisible or on your side, etc.
  • New tool, ECL-monitor, which can live monitor the current ECL script and flags when a game is running. More info here.

  • Windows XP or newer. This might help if you use Linux (it's in german, Google translated).
  • DOSBox DOS-emulator to run old software on modern computers. If you use the GOG-versions, you don't need to install DOSBox.
  • Any fantasy-themed Gold Box game, Unlimited Adventures (with or without UAShell), Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday or Matrix Cubed. If you don't already have these, check out GOG.com for the Forgotten Realms and Krynn -games.

GloudGold Box Companion
  • gbc.zip ... Latest version.

Gould Games Hack Downloads

  • gbc_music.zip ... A collection of music files for the audio version of GBC. Download and extract to GBC folder.
Older versions
  • gbc201.zip ... Gold Box Companion v2.01 (2015). Older version that is not so picky about DOSBox version.
  • podlimbo.zip ... Limbo-mod for Pools of Darkness. Your items won't be destroyed when moving through Limbo. More info.
  • manshoon.zip ... Manshoon-encounter for Pools of Darkness. More info.
Saved games (You can download and use these even if no plan to use GBC)
  • realms1.zip ... Saves near ending and before key moments for the Realms-games.
  • realms2.zip ... Big package of saves for the Realms-games.
  • krynn1.zip ... Saves near ending for all the Krynn-games.
  • krynn2.zip ... Big package of saves for all the Krynn-games.
  • krynn3.zip ... Another big package of saves for all the Krynn-games.
  • frontier.zip ... Saves near ending for the two Savage Frontier-games.
  • gods.zip ... Hacked saves for Pools of Darkness.

Gould Games Hack Download Pc

  • formats.zip ... Descriptions of character save file formats. Lists of all effects and items in the games. Included with GBC.
  • dqkitems.zip ... Some hacked items for The Dark Queen of Krynn, by Redeye.
  • passwords.zip ... Excel-sheet of passwords for the games.
  • goldboxfont.zip ... Gold Box styled font.
  • daxdump.zip ... DAXDump and ECLDump by Simeon Pilgrim. Can be used to decode the run-length encoding of the DAX files.
  • tlbutil2.zip ... TLButil2 by Itamar / Dan Autery. For extracting TLB-files (The Dark Queen of Krynn and FRUA).
  • unp411.zip ... If you want to hack old DOS game executables, you probably need to unpack them first with this utiliity.
  • hackdocs.zip ... File formats of many FRUA related files.

Some additional screenshots from modded games here and here. The modding tools are included in the GBC package.

GBC starts with a wizard to search for game/character data in the memory. You select a game, set the game folder, select the save slot then search. Saved games are listed chronologically and the map name is also shown.

HUD with combat icons and effects displayed. The bars are for Hit Points and XP. Map with autoexplore.

World map view in Pool of Radiance.

World map view in Dark Queen of Krynn.

Combat view. Stats and effects can be viewed by targeting a monster with the mouse.

A menu opens by moving the mouse over the HUD.

Level up dialog. Usable anywhere so you don't have to visit training halls. Ignores demihuman/game level limits.

Journal entries can be viewed through the menu.

A quick menu can be opened by pressing Control + the section-key. The key combination can be configured.

Character editor. When in combat, monsters can also be edited.

Save game editor. You can backup saves, replace/add characters and edit inventory/effects. You can even add monsters to your party.

ECL Tool. Browse and edit the bytecode scripts of the games. Here's the famous encounter from Pool of Radiance's slums district.

With the Monster Modder you can browse and edit monsters.

GBC supports Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday and Matrix Cubed.

Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (and UAShell) is also supported.

Pool of Radiance modded with the font from Pools of Darkness. Paladins, rangers and monks can be played as hacked classes. In the character editor, level 1 fighters can be converted to paladins or rangers and level 1 thieves to monks. GBC needs to be used for level ups. Imported paladins and rangers can be trained in training halls in Curse but monks always have to use GBC to level up and can not be further exported to Secret.

These are complete lists of monsters and their stats in the games, created programmatically from the data files of the games. Some monsters are listed several times because they are different monster records in the data files. There are still unknown flag and effect values. Death Knights of Krynn monsters do not have theirs spells yet listed. These lists are included in the GBC package. Also shows in what area a monster can be encountered in.

These tables show level progression per class. Experience points needed, hit dice, max hit points, THAC0, spells and thief skills are listed. These lists are included in the GBC package.

Buy the games
  • GOG.com ... The Forgotten Realms - games can be bought legally from Good Old Games (GOG.com).
  • GOG.com ... The Krynn - games can be bought legally from Good Old Games (GOG.com).
Abandonware downloads
  • CRPG Directory / Weekend Waste Monster ... Lots of downloads and links related to old CRPGs.
  • DJ Old Games ... Abandonware site.
  • Abandonia ... Abandonware site.
  • Replacementdocs ... This site has game manuals, check it for the Manuals, Journal Entries and Clue books.
Basic information
  • GoldBox Wiki ... Various information and links.
  • AD&D Rules FAQ ... AD&D rules info for those not familiar with THAC0 etc. This FAQ is however mostly to 2nd edition of AD&D. Gold Box games use 1st edition rules.
  • The Cutting Room Floor ... Unused and cut content in the games.
Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA)
  • FRUA introduction at GOG.com ... Read this if you plan to play FRUA modules.
  • Nol's Installation Guide for FRUA Newbies ... How to install UAShell and run hacked modules in FRUA.
  • UA File Archive ... RoseDragon, archive for FRUA modules and related stuff.
  • pc_modules.zip ... Huge archive (300+ MB) of FRUA modules from the UA File Archive.
GameBanshee's Walkthroughs & FAQsThe-Spoiler's Walkthroughs & FAQsOther Walkthroughs & FAQsGameFAQsTools
  • Gold Box Explorer ... Useful tool for exploring Gold Box data files.
  • Reprogrammed Curse of the Azure Bonds ... CotAB reprogrammed in C# by Simeon Pilgrim. Source code available.
  • HxD ... Freeware hex editor which can also edit RAM directly.
Forum threads at FRUA & Dungeon Craft Community
  • Gold Box Companion ... GBC-related thread with troubleshooting.
  • Hacking UA ... Lots of in-depth info on Gold Box games file formats etc.
  • Official SSI Playtester Mode ... Info on this debug mode.
  • Gold Box games cheat codes ... Info on how to start the game with different parameters.
Other forums
  • Forgotten Realms collection discussion ... Forums at GOG.com.
  • Krynn series discussion ... Forums at GOG.com.
  • The Gold Box thread ... Forum thread at RPG Codex forums.
  • Another full run-through ... Forum thread at Sorcerer's Place forums.
  • Krynn-trilogy discussion ... Forum thread at Sorcerer's Place forums.
  • Bit O' Moander forum ... Not so active forum discussing these games.
  • Revisiting the Gold Box games ... Forum thread at RPGWatch forums.
  • Pool of Radiance discussion ... Forum thread at RPGWatch forums.
  • Dragonsfoot.com forums ... Old school AD&D/RPG discussion. Also has a forum for AD&D-related software and games.
  • AD&D as portrayed by Pool of Radiance / Gold Box ... At Dragonsfoot.com.
  • Pool of Radiance discussion ... Forums at RPG.net.
  • Gold Box discussion ... Forums at RPG.net.
  • The CRPG Addict ... CRPG enthusiast plays through old CRPGs chronologically.
  • CRPG Revisiting old classics ... Another old CRPGs blog.
  • Blogging Forgotten Realms ... Discontinued blog.
  • Nerdly Pleasures blog post ... Goofy things in the Gold Box games.
  • Nerdly Pleasures blog post ... Choices and tactics for Pool of Radiance.
Gold Box related blog posts at The Digital Antiquarian
  • Ebooks ... Blog posts collected as ebooks for downloading.
YouTube videosLongplays / Let's plays
  • BlueAnkylo plays Pool of Radiance ... Introduction to Gold Box games. Helps setting up DOSBox / Gold Box Companion.
  • BlueAnkylo plays PoR/CotAB interlude ... Importing chraracters from PoR to CotAB etc.
  • BlueAnkylo plays Countdown to Doomsday ... Introduction to Buck Rogers.
  • Krynn-series longplay ... Longplay of all Krynn-games.
  • Let's play: The Pools Saga ... Let's play through the Pools-games at Obsidian forums.
  • Pool of Radiance ... Iron man - challenge.
  • Pool of Radiance ... Constable Tibs plays PoR with Gold Box Companion.
  • Gold Box Companion with Ubuntu ... Might help if you use Linux (it's in german, Google translated).
  • Synth Bard ... Gold Box Renditions (music from the Gold Box games).
  • Pools of Darkness: The Gods intervene! ... Cracking the copy protection in Pools of Darkness.
  • How GOG rescued the games from licensing hell ... How GOG rescued 13 Forgotten Realms games from licensing hell.

If you’re looking to download CLEO Gold apk for your android smartphone, you’re at the right place! CLEO Gold is a perfect tool for modding and adding tricks in GTA games. This tool can be used to get all the weapons, get cars, and do almost everything which you can’t do in normal GTA games.

So, if you’re looking to download cleo gold for your android phone, you can easily download it from here without any hassles and surveys.


As I said above, this is an ultimate tool to modify and add custom scripts to all the GTA games which come for Android. This app can also be used for GTA San Andreas, which is a very popular game by Rockstar. Please note that this tool requires rooted Android and cannot work properly on un-rooted phones. So, make sure your smartphone is rooted for the proper working of this tool.

Games Hacked

Here are some screenshots of this tool –

In this post, you’ll find the full tutorial on how to install this tool and use it properly. If you still have some problems in using this tool, you can watch this video tutorial –

Here are some of the useful scripts which are provided in this tool –

– car spawner – features all of game cars, bikes, boats, planes and helis, has inbuilt vehicle preview
– cheats – features all standard and bonus cheats, including ‘mission skip’ one
– mission selector – allows to start any scenario mission you want
– passenger – allows player to enter any traffic vehicle and perform driveby
– first person driving – allows to activate 1st person view in any vehicle while driving
– full stats – boosts all player stats to the maximum
– health regen – constantly regenerates player’s hitpoints
– fight master – player will use different fighting styles in melee combats
– flying – allows player to fly like a super-man
– unlimited jetpack – removes the height limit for jetpack
– open houses – allows player to visit any house, like in burglary missions
– car balance – player’s car have an ability to prevent fllipping
– car boost – allows you to speed up your car via ‘power’ widget while driving
– radio fix – fixes the glitch which causes some radio stations to play only commercials
* VC
– car spawner – features all of game vehicles
– cheats – features all standard cheats
– health regen – constantly regenerates player’s hitpoints
– all weapon – gives an ability to have all weapons at once
– car spawner – features all of game vehicles
– cheats – features all standard cheats
– health regen – constantly regenerates player’s hitpoints

So, after reading all this, you must be sure that this is a really great tool for all the GTA gamers. Here are some details of this tool –

File Type.apk
File Size500KB
RequirementAndroid 2.3+
DeveloperAlexander Blade

So, you must be very excited to download this tool, right? Let’s jump to download section now! In case you like play game boy advance games, do check out my boy apk, which is a great GBA emulator.

Download CLEO Gold Apk

So below are the download links for this tool. You can directly download this tool from our site and enjoy the modding stuff for your favorite GTA games. You can find the full tutorial on how to use this tool below the download section. All the links are directly downloadable and survey free –

Installing & Using CLEO Gold Tool

So, here are the steps on installing and using this tool –

  1. Download and install CLEO Gold tool from the link provided above
  2. Open the tool and grant superuser permission to it(from popup)
  3. After granting permission, you’ll get the list of games which are supported
  4. Select any game like GTA San Andreas
  5. Click check to verify if the tool is supported or not
  6. Click install and wait for the installation
  7. Click Install scripts to install the mods for the game
  8. Finally, open the game and you’ll see CLEO Gold info in the staring of the game
  9. To use any cheat, swipe down to get cheats menu
  10. Scroll through cheats and click on any cheat to enable/disable it

So, by following steps, you can install CLEO Gold tool easily on your android phone and use it for modding GTA games. If you’ve any problem with installing this app, feel free to comment below, and we’ll try our best to solve your problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q1. Is CLEO Gold tool free to use?

Ans: Yes, the Cleo gold is 100% free to download and use. It doesn’t charge you anything.

Q2. Does this tool require root?

Ans: Yes, this tool works 100% properly in rooted smartphones. If you’ve got a un-rooted phone, you can still use this app.

Q3. Are there any viruses in this tool?

Ans: No, this tool is free from viruses and malware. For extra security, we recommend you to download a good antivirus.

Q4. How many scripts does this tool support?

Ans: This tool can be used to install unlimited scripts for your favorite GTA game. You can use custom scripts also.

Advantages Of CLEO Gold Tool

Below are some advantage of using this tool –

  • This tool is completely free to use
  • This tool can be used for many GTA games
  • Allows custom scripts
  • Has many scripts pre-installed
  • This tool is free from viruses and malware
  • Works well on almost 99% devices

Disadvantages Of CLEO Gold Tool

Gloud Games Hack Ios Download

Below are some disadvantage of using this tool –

  • Sometimes causes game crashes
  • Requires root for the proper working
  • Removes the fun of original game

Final Words

So this was all about CLEO Gold tool. This post covers all details about this tool including download links, advantages, disadvantages. If you face any problem in installing or downloading this app, let us know using the comments section below.

We’ve provided the latest version apk to you without any ads and surveys. Hope you like and enjoy this app.

Gould Games Hack Download Windows 10