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Likes Received: 0. So I've heard that this server allows hacking and I want to download a hacked client but dont now which are safe.I would like to get huzuni since ive heard its best or nodus. But ive heard many people saying that nodus is just a virus/scam,is this true? Thanks in advance. Download Lunar Client, the most popular all-in-one modpack for all modern versions of Minecraft with countless mods, cosmetics, boosted frames, and a single installation. If you download through the hacked client's website, it will most likely take you through an or another website of the same function. These websites allow the creators of the hacked client to earn some money through displaying advertisements to those who download it.

Plenty of modules targeted towards combat! Defeat your enemies quickly by getting an extreme advantage over them! More Information. A lot of customization. Full ESP customization, pick players, animals, ender chest, 2d esp, outline esp. Abillity to add/remove all blocks in xray (with a easy to use gui) and much much more. Download File - TimTech Software.

Current Version: 3.1.3

Live Download Count: 684033

Impact Minecraft Hack Download

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Hard hitting combat modules

Many different combat modules, like, Kill Aura, Trident Aim Bot, Auto Totem, Anti Knockback. Most of them have a lot of settings too.


Plenty of modules targeted towards combat! Defeat your enemies quickly by getting an extreme advantage over them!

Impact Hack Client Download

A lot of customization

Full ESP customization, pick players, animals, ender chest, 2d esp, outline esp. Abillity to add/remove all blocks in xray(with a easy to use gui) and much much more


Tons of modules such as ESP, Chams, Tracers, Shulker Peek, Block ESP!

Good looking guis

Very easy to use module click gui with a scroll bar, very good looking color manager with a color picker(circle or square) and easy to use block management guis so you can easily add blocks to xray


A lot of guis, module click gui, fully customizable color manager and block management guis!

Mod Support

Forge(1.12.2) & Fabric(1.14-1.16) support. You can use all kinds of mods such as OptiFine, Mini Map, JEI and more!

Impact Hacked Client Download

Baritone(All Versions)

Directly included, the very advanced bot that can do several tasks. Amazing automation!


Directly included, allows you to connect to almost any server without restarting

Gaming VPS Hosting

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Installing the hacked client for Ace of Spades 0.75 is simple and easy to do, and gives you a wide variety of hacks such as aimbot, ESP, wallhacks, turbo spade, no slowdown, multibullet, grenade timer, intel ESP, and more.


  • Aimbot
  • ESP (Player, Intel, Weapon, Grenade, and Radar ESP)
  • No recoil & no spread
  • Rapid fire (max 10 shots per second) & increased caliber (max 300 damage per shot)
  • Unlimited blocks & auto-reload weapons
  • Movement speed in water can be the same as on land
  • Show enemies on minimap
  • Disable fog

Fit Mc Hack


  1. Download the .zip file.
  2. Extract the file. You will find 2 files – Injector.exe and WTFAOS.dll
  3. Open up Ace of Spades by joining a server.
  4. Press the Windows button and D at the same time.
  5. You will find yourself at the desktop.
  6. Open Injector and press the button with the file and the green plus sign.
  7. Select WTFAOS.dll
  8. In the process box, press the button with the blue magnifying glass.
  9. Navigate to client.exe and select it. Go to Injector and press Inject.
  10. Select Ace of Spades in the toolbar, maximizing it, and you’re good to go!


  • Insert – Open/close menu
  • Up/Down – Choose a hack
  • Left/Right – Cycle hack options

Full Hack Menu

  • Aimbot
    • Activate – toggle the aimbot on and off (overrides Aim Key and Autoshoot)
    • Aim At – choose the body part that is targeted (Head or Body)
    • Aim Key – choose the key that is used to activate the aimbot
    • Aim Method – choose to target players that are closest to the player first, or those that are closest to the crosshair first
    • FOV Check – toggle whether or not to check if targets are within your FOV before targeting
    • Range Check – toggle whether or not to check if targets are within the weapon’s range before targeting
    • Team Check – toggle whether or not to check if targets are on the same team before targeting
    • Aim Indicator
    • Visibility Check
    • Autoshoot – fire automatically whenever a valid target is located (overrides Aim Key)
  • ESP
    • Activate – toggle ESP on and off
    • Friends – toggle whether or not to show players on the same team
    • In Range Only – toggle whether or not to show players that are out of range
    • Visibility Check
    • ID – toggle whether or not to show numerical ID
    • Lines – toggle whether or not to draw lines between the player with ESP and other players
    • Radar
    • Radar X – adjust radar’s range, on the X-axis
    • Radar Y – adjust radar’s range, on the Y-axis
    • Radar Mode
    • Names – toggle whether or not to show players’ names
    • Boxes – toggle whether or not to draw boxes around the players
    • Dot – toggle whether or not to draw a dot on the center of each player
    • Intel – toggle Intel ESP on or off
    • Distance – toggle whether or not to display players’ distances in brackets next to their names
    • Weapon – toggle Weapon ESP on or off
    • Grenade Timer – toggle Grenade ESP on or off (to show the time, in seconds, until grenades explode)
  • Miscellaneous
    • No Recoil – eliminates weapon recoil when firing
    • No Spread – eliminates weapon spread when firing
    • Rapid Fire – fires all weapons at the rate of the submachine gun (10 shots per second)
    • Bigshot – fires all weapons with the caliber of the shotgun (12 pellets per shot, max 30 damage per pellet)
    • Unlimited Blocks – provides unlimited blocks for building (still limited to 50 at a time for right-click building)
    • Soft Water – no slowdown when walking and running in water
    • Show FPS – toggle whether or not to display the game’s refresh rate, in frames per second
    • Autoreload – automatically reloads weapons when empty
    • Show enemies on map – toggle whether or not to display enemy players on the map
    • No Fog – eliminates fog (does not increase weapon range)


Q: The aimbot worked before, but after I restarted it didn’t work anymore.
A: Every time you open a new client.exe you have to choose it again from the Injector menu because the Process ID changes. Otherwise, it will not inject the right Process ID and you will end up having no aimbot, even though Injector.exe returned successful upon injection.

Q: Injector.exe said it injected successfully, but it does not display the .dll below the success message, and the aimbot is not working.
A: Make sure it successfully injects and shows the path of the file injected. If it just says “Successfully Injected:” with nothing below it, it was not successful.

Q: When I search through the injection menu for the client, there is no playing card logo, only the logo that has the letters AoS.
A: You need to inject the .dll after you launch the client. If you are using the original installer, this should not be a problem, but with the BnS launcher, you need to join the game before injecting.

Q: I injected the .dll into openspades.exe and it said “Successfully Injected:”, so why isn’t the aimbot working?
A: This aimbot only works with Ace of Spades 0.75, not OpenSpades.

Q: Why isn’t the wallhack isn’t letting me shoot people through walls?
A: In this aimbot, the wallhack feature lets you see players through walls, not shoot them. However, there is a technique that allows you to shoot players through walls with this hack (credits to Mark Pinnell):

What you do is turn on your ESP [or aimbot] … then get another player to block you in (you must be in the middle of a 3x3x3 cube of blocks). Your screen will go blurry (I turn on the [mini]map) then blaze away. It’s best to do it on a server like German Party with the rifle so your ammo gets replenished after about 20 kills so you never run out. I log on twice so I control 2 players and join the same squad so you can move the first shooter into position and kill the other guy to teleport there.