My Cafe Recipes And Stories Hack Download

My Cafe Recipes And Stories Hack Download

My Cafe Recipes & Stories Guide, Gameplay and Review

Hello everyone. If you like strategy games about cooking, you'll love My Cafe: Recipes & Stories. There are many similar proposals on the gaming market, but it is worth to be interested in this game because it is really great and very addictive. My friends and I have been playing in it since the release on Android phones, which is over a year and a half, so as you can see, this game is really addictive. I think it's worth writing a few words about My Cafe: Recipes & Stories, especially for new players, so as to bring them into the game. Here you will find, among other things, My Cafe cheats, recipes, links to download useful things (Game and My Cafe hack), interesting videos, and many useful tricks. It is worth mentioning that this game is under different names like: My Cafe: Recipes & Stories - World Cooking Game (full English name on Google Play), Mon café : histoires & cuisine or Mon café : recettes et histoires - Jeu Restaurant (French), My Café: Recipes & Stories Restaurant Kochen Spiel or Mein Café - Rezepte & Storys (German). The game is available only for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) and download links can be found on the 'downloads' page in the top menu. Unfortunately, there is no version for Windows Phone or Windows Mobile, but PC players can run the game on Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7 using an android emulator such as bluestacks. Below you will find information about My Cafe Recipes & Stories hack tool, game description and some interesting information. So let's start!

My Cafe Hack - Get Free Diamonds and Coins - My Cafe Recipes and Stories Cheats Cooking, Design & Cafe Management - all with a fun story! Own a Restaurant My Cafe is an addictive bakery & restaurant story game where you set off to help chef Ann open a classy cafe and serve her guests delicious drinks and baked goods. Useful links: My Cafe hack, recipes, videos, downloads. If you are looking for a proven My Cafe Recipes and Stories hack, or just would like to download this game, you should click on the link below. See more If you would like to watch video from the game, such as gameplay.

Maybe start with a short description and then go to the tips and My Cafe Recipes and Stories cheats. If you have played culinary games before, you will not have any problems, however novices can find here some interesting information. My Cafe: Recipes & Stories is a strategy game where you become a manager of confectioneries and cafes. Cafe management may seem very difficult, but you will get to everything with small steps and then it will be easier. As in every game, at the beginning you will go through a short tutorial which will show you step by step what is going on. Unlike other cooking games, here you have to deal with guest service, create new recipes and manage your premises. So as you can see, typical cooking or rather baking is not very much here.

Beginnings can be difficult, and at the start you can only afford a fridge and a coffee maker, but as the game progresses and climbs to higher levels, your goals will change and you will have to work very hard to continue climbing the ladder. Along with the progress in the game, you earn money that you can then spend in the store on various things like: counters, furniture, and many other decorative elements that will lift your cafe to the next level. Shortcut is to use My Cafe hack tools that allow you to get unlimited free diamonds and coins which further facilitates gameplay. What distinguishes this game from others is the ability to talk with each client. Such conversation may encourage the visitor to visit your café again and the influence of a large amount of money from tips.

A short summary of My Cafe Recipes and Stories Game

As you can see, My Cafe Recipes & Stories is a game that can draw a player for long hours. It is really difficult to attach, graphics is also at a very high level. The only drawback of this game is the premium recipes for which you have to spend the gems. Unfortunately, the gems are a premium currency in this game, so if you want to have more, you have to spend real money or use My Cafe cheats to help you get extra gems. Below you will find some useful tips and My Cafe hack which will definitely be useful to you. I hope that the subject of the game has been exhausted enough and now you can go to more useful information that you will find below.

My Cafe Recipes and Stories Useful Tips for Beginners!

Faster customer service.

My Cafe Recipes And Stories Hack Download Pc

Help Ann and other employees serve customers. Touch the customer and ask 'what you want to order'. Save orders and start realizing them. Once the order is ready, touch the customer again and click 'here is your order'. Additionally, when Ann and other employees are busy with other things, at the time you should prepare drinks, which will additionally speed up the issuance of subsequent orders. It's a very simple tip, but it speeds up the work very much. In addition, you can hire servers that will help Ann serve customers when you will not be playing. Additional staff will allow you to handle more guests and earn a lot more money.

Do not be afraid to use My Cafe cheats!

As you probably know, the money in this game can be very helpful and speed up some things. Unfortunately, the amount of coins and gems you earn in the game is not always enough. Probably not one of you was already looking for a way to get free gems or a way to make more coins. The solution to this problem may be My Cafe hack tool that allows you to get additional resources such as coins or gems. There are many types of My Cafe Recipes & Stories hacks like mod apk, online generator or hack apps that work directly on smartphones or tablets, but keep in mind that the game is updated regularly and some of them maybe even the majority may not work. If you are looking for working My Cafe cheats, you should visit the downloads tab, where you will find links to proven applications.

My Cafe Recipes And Stories Hack Download

Increase the skills of your employees.

A very nice option in this game is the ability to develop characters by upgrade their skills. Ann has 3 main skill types - DailySimpleGift, AllItemsPrices and Speed. Other employees may have other skills and you can check by clicking on them. The greater the team's skills, the more money the café will earn. As you can see, it is worth developing the team's skills, however, it can cost a lot of gems. If you do not want to spend your cash, you may want to consider using My Cafe mod apk or other cheats.

Play every day and get gifts!

If you log in to the game every day, you will receive daily bonuses. Such bonuses may be useful in the game, you can get things like coins, diamonds and even unique spices that you can use to prepare drinks. So it's worth logging in every day because the bonuses are really useful.

Useful links: My Cafe hack, recipes, videos, downloads...

If you are looking for a proven My Cafe Recipes and Stories hack, or just would like to download this game, you should click on the link below.

If you would like to watch video from the game, such as gameplay or some tricks, click the button below.

Are you looking for new recipes? Visit website from the following link and get ideas for new recipes.

My Cafe Wikia - If you have not found interesting information on this site, you can also search here.

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Useful Tips & Tricks For My Cafe Recipes and Stories

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories has a leveling system, and to be able to level up, you will first have to achieve a specific amount of experience points. At the top-left corner of your screen, you might find your present level, in addition to the ability points that you might want to level up. You will gain plenty of experience points simply by following the stories in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories, but in addition if you get and place different varieties of furniture, decorations and equipment into your own personal café.

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories has two different currencies in it. One of many currencies are the gold coins, and one other one are the diamonds. You can make gold coins by serving tea, coffee and a myriad of different edible goodies to your customers. You will even get rewarded with gold coins whenever you level up your character. Diamonds, on one other hand, is extremely tough to acquire throughout your gameplay in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories. The only path to get diamonds is by leveling up.

With these tricks My Cafe Recipes and Stories you'll be able to access functions that you could not add enough hours without playing a My Cafe Recipes and Stories, so you save time and effort and you'll have everything at your fingertips from the start of the game.

How to Hack Cheats My Cafe Recipes and Stories Online Tool

Tutorial to Get Free My Cafe Recipes and Stories Coins and Diamonds
  1. Click above online hack and proceed to the My Cafe Recipes and Stories hack tool page.
  2. Enter your username used in the game.
  3. Choose your device platform and Region you live in.
  4. Select the amount of resources as desired ( Diamonds and coins, ).
  5. Tap The Start Button.
  6. Wait for a few seconds while it is processed.
  7. Enable proxy support and Invisiblity(highly recommended)/
  8. Complete Verification Check - Enjoy unlimited resources.