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Dear Friend,

Neobux is one of the internet's most innovative and lucrative money making PTC's. They have been in operation for over 11 years and they always pay their members on time. With a low $2 cashout, and the ability to rent referrals who earn for you, everyone's making money, right?

Absolutely Not!!

There's a different side to the truth that we don't want to admit. It's the darker side of PTC's...most people are not making money...but rather,they are working too hard to earn too little money. But wait, aren't lots of people making ultra profits from Neobux? Sure, you hear success stories and see payment proofs of those users who are making it big...

But what about most other users - people like you and me?

The ugly truth of the matter is, most people who join PTC's, also known as 'pay to click' sites, barely make any money, and those who've invested money come out at a loss. Many of those who try PTC's do so with the right intentions...they work hard patiently, hoping to eventually make profit. But after months of hard work, they are not seeing results, become frustrated, and ultimately give up.

And it's not their fault!

We have seen so many good people quit these programs out of sheer frustration that it saddens me...yet that is the reality of the system.

One very important part of success is direct referrals. But they are not that easy to have to promote, promote, promote. And after all that work, you still didn't get any referrals.

Does getting referrals feel like this?

So why do most people fail in PTC's?

The answer is simple: they do not have a working strategy. They joined Neobux with unrealistic expectations, hoping to make it rich quick. But when they realize that it is not making money fast, they start to become frustrated and lose hope. If this is you right now, then you are at the right place - keep reading and don't miss a word.

You've probably tried to find the answer on Google - but found nothing - and you continued to search frantically, hoping to find the key that will solve all your problems. After reading some strategies, you tried to implement them, but none of them worked.

My name is Benjamin Louie, and I have been using PTC's for over 4 years now. I understand your frustration - because I've been there. I know what it's like to click diligently everyday and do what I'm 'supposed' to do, but whenever I stare at my account balance, I wonder if the work I put in is worth it.

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Introducing the Ultimate Strategy

In the Neobux Ultimate Strategy course, I'm going to show you what the top 10% of Neobux users are doing to make tremendous profits in Neobux...and it works for any Pay to Click site. The principles are the same no matter what program you are in.

With this strategy, you can say goodbye to the following problems:

  • No more wondering why you aren't profiting, even though you have rented referrals
  • No more struggling to find direct referrals
  • No more wondering if you are recycling the right way
  • No more staring at your account balance and being disappointed

Does this describe you...

You join Neobux with much excitement, and you click on ads diligently like you're supposed to. Then you rent some referrals (which took you a while, since you make 0.001 per click) and hope that they click actively and earn for you. But those referrals become inactive, and you recycle them, hoping the new ones will be better. By now, even if you have lots of referrals, you still have to constantly replace them, and you're barely making any profits.

Then you become frustrated and eventually give up.

Aren't you tired of living in this vicious cycle of failure? Don't you wish there was a way out?

You're probably skeptical right now, wondering how much is all this going to cost you. But before we get there, let me ask you something...

How much money have you made from Neobux?

Hopefully, the answer is 'not enough' - if that's the case, then keep reading. The Neobux Ultimate Strategy will be the answer to all your problems

Want Proof? Then look at all these referrals...

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Does This Work with MLM's?

I was able to get 1200+ Referrals for Hits4Pay, 1100+ Referrals for Clixsense,800+ Referrals for PeopleString, and 1000+ Referrals for Enissay...

It works for any referral & downline program, period.

You too can have these kinds of results with the Neobux Ultimate Strategy.

You've tried the rest...

Now try the ultimate! There are a lot of 'success systems' out there. Most of them will only give you bits and pieces. Frankly, who'd want to share ALL their secrets to wealth with the public? The Neobux Ultimate Strategy doesn't give you bits and pieces, it gives you the total solution you need to build a huge downline in any MLM program or IM program!

What is included in the Ultimate Strategy System?

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  • Get 40+ Direct Referrals virtually overnight for any PTC of your choice
  • Learn the secrets that I used to get 1200+ referrals for Hits4Pay
  • The secret tactic I used to rake in 70 referrals in 2 days for Clixsense
  • Build a huge downline team in your MLM programs
  • Step by step instructional videos on how to set up your killer traffic system
  • How to set up a PTC system that allows you to get referrals on auto-pilot, set it and forget it!
  • Also included are bonus downloads

And that's only the tip of the iceberg!

The Neobux Ultimate Strategy includes a full blown video course that teaches you step by step what to do to set up your referral gathering system!

Module 1: Welcome to the NUS Video Course

All PTC's have one thing in common: the ability to get direct referrals. If you master this process then your PTC career will be a breeze. But if you skip this step, then you will always struggle.

This course will cover:

  • The benefits of using TrafficWave, and why it will be the answer to your PTC problems
  • What tools you will need to succeed and where to get them
  • The game plan on how to set up your newsletters

Videos in this course: 1

Module 2: TrafficWave Campaigns and Newsletters

Those who try to build a list have no clue how to go about it. In this course, we're going to get down and dirty into the process of creating newsletters and putting in content.

Some things this course will cover:

  • Using TrafficWave as an AutoResponder and setting up your auto-pilot referral system
  • Create your first campaign and your first couple of newsletters
  • Sequencing your newsletters to make the process seamless for subscribers
  • Using various features of the newsletter editor

Videos in this course: 3

Module 3: Capture Forms and the Sign Up Process

After you're done setting up your campaign, it is time to set up your capture pages. We will show you how to do this step within TrafficWave, you don't even need to have a website!

Some things this course will teach you:

  • How to set up and design your capture forms in TrafficWave
  • Testing is crucial - we will walk you throughout the sign up process
  • A hidden trick that most experts don't know that will double your referral sign ups!

Videos in this course: 2

Module 4: How to Use Traffic Exchanges

This video will show you how to put your capture pages into EasyHits4U, undoubtedly the #1 traffic exchange in the world. You will also learn how to use banner advertising, one of the most overlooked methods to get subscribers to your list.

This course will cover:

  • How to effectively promote your newly made capture pages
  • Using banner advertising and text advertising to blow your competition away
  • Build a downline in EasyHits4U to get unlimited credits so you can spend them freely

Videos in this course: 3

Note: All videos in the course are in English

Before we go into more's a word of warning - this is not a get rich quick scheme! We are giving you our 7 years of experience making money online. There is no magic push-button software, there is no 'gimmick' that will make you millions...

With that said...

What exactly is this system about?

  • Membership site with updated content & new bonuses monthly
  • Customer support - we won't let you drown, we will be there to help you
  • Step by step video instructions on how to set up your traffic system
  • Learn the secrets that I used to get 1200+ referrals for Hits4Pay
  • The secret tactic I used to rake in 70 referrals in 2 days for Clixsense
  • Build a huge downline team in your MLM programs

Neobux Hack Exe Download Free

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Your Peers Have Spoken

You've seen the proof - Golden members in Neobux said they have gotten a lot out of this course. It shouldn't even be called a course, it is more like a complete solution to your problems. There are no abstract solutions - all strategies have been tried and tested and have worked for many customers around the world...

If you close this window, you truly don't know what you're missing out on. Many people have already gotten their hands on this valuable information and they are using it to reap in profits.

Imagine never being frustrated with PTC's again! Imagine joining a new PTC with full confidence that you can succeed and come out a winner! Wouldn't that kind of system be worth at least $300 or $400?

But you're not going to pay anywhere near that much.

The Neobux Ultimate Strategy is available for $17.00 - but let's take a look at what you're actually getting for your money.

ItemRetail Value
Neobux Ultimate Strategy System$197
Instructional Videos$197
Bonus: Santanderino's PTC Course$47
Bonus: Make Money Surveys PDF$47
Bonus: Make $18,394.97 in 30 Days (PDF)$47
Bonus: Traffic Generating eBooks$47
Bonus: PTC Beginners Course$47
Monthly Updates for Members$47
Priority Customer SupportPriceless

Total retail value: $679

You pay: $17.00

But let's stop here now....


Most people are just trying to make a sale off of you - once they get your money, you're on your own. But that's not the way we do business! We treat every customer as if they were a partner. We're not going to leave you high and dry. We'll help you succeed - take you by the hand and show you step by step how to set up a successful campaign.

I'm not the fastest horse in the bunch, but I know a deal when I see one. We believe in the quality of our system - that's why we're offering you the following guarantee:

We have seen a lot of products that have a lot of hype and promise you to make millions. But none of these products actually provides a total solution.

That's why we are confident that NUS Membership will turbo-boost your MLM earnings.

If, for any reason, you are not happy with our system, you will get a 100% refund immediately.

Within 60 days of purchase, if you are not happy with the NUS Membership for any reason, we will give you a refund immediately. No questions asked, no hassles.

You Have Nothing to Lose!

With our money back guarantee, we've essentially taken the risk from you, so you can order with confidence. Give the Neobux Ultimate Strategy a try today. Satisfaction guaranteed! And one more thing...

We update the members area often with new content. This isn't a one time deal - we update frequently - so you stay in the loop with the latest and greatest referral building strategies. You're paying once and receiving forever - another reason to order today.

If you're tired of reading, then click the order button below!

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