Pokemon Light Platinum Hack Download For Android

Pokemon Light Platinum Apk Free Download For Android. Pokemon Light Platinum Download This page shows you Pokemon Light Platinum Download and free to get it. If you want to patch Pokemon Light Platinum ROM yourself, you also can patch.ips into Pokemon Ruby ROM with Patcher tool such as Lunar IPS. ūüĎČDownload: HOW TO USE:1 - Download file, drop it on your desktop and run2- Open the file3 - Wait and Enjoy!Play.

Pokemon Light Platinum Hack Download For Android Pc

Name: Pokemon Light Platinum Nds
Remake by: Mikelan98
Remake from: Pokemon Heart Gold
Source: Click here!
‚ÄúYou start in Yellow Town, a nice spring day. The professor wants you to go to Central City to investigate an ancient engraved with Kaohri, the Zhery League Champion. Things go wrong when they discover that a Team Steam soldier was spying them. You fight against the soldier, but he runs away to tell our discovery to the dangerous Team Steam. The hero returns to the lab to tell the discovery to Professor Jasmine: the origin of the legendary Pok√©mon and Arceus. Then, you noticed that a very important secret, kept over thousands of years, is now in the wrong hands‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

> The two regions will be bigger.

Download Pokemon GBA Rom Hacks for free. Pokemon Light Platinum ROM DS Download. 3ds android cheats Citra emulator eng gba gbc hack hack rom ita linux mac nds. Pokemon light platinum is a rom hack of GBA.Download link::My. Pokemon Light Platinum (Hack) Share: DOWNLOAD FILE. Add to Queue Play Online Now. You may also like these GBA ROMs. Metal Slug Advance. Mega Man & Bass.

> Larger routes and more decoration.

> Drastic reshuffle in many other areas.

> Pokémon up to Generation VI.

> 107 more Pokémon than GBA version.

> Pokémon will follow you wherever you go.

> Story has a different beginning from the original.

> New puzzles in the plot.

> A lot of legendary Pokémon (from all generations).

Download Pokemon Light Platinum Nds Beta 1 (Spanish)
Download Pokemon Light Platinum Nds Beta 1 (English)

Do you love Pokemon ? Have you ever played any Pokemon Hack Game ? If not, the first game you should play is Pokemon Light Platinum. There are many many Pokemon Hack ROM but almost they are not completed and can not play perfectly without any bugs. Only some Pokemon Hack Games are strongly supported by many Pokefans such as: Pokemon Light Platinum, Pokemon Flora Sky, Pokemon Snakewood, Pokemon Ruby Destiny… And in my opinion, I will say you should play Pokemon Light Platinum GBA first at all.

Pokemon Light Platinum is really excellent Remake ROM from Pokemon Ruby Version. Many new features were included in the completed version and some Pokemon Generation 4th are available. Thanks WesleyFG for making the game.

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You can see some features below:
  • Included New Region ZHERY
  • Included New Leaders and Elite Four
  • Included New Rivals
  • Pok√©mons of all Regions (Johto, Kanto, Hoen, Sinnoh)
  • You can have trips to another areas
  • Can catch all Pokemons Legendaries
  • Included All New sprites
  • Included All New events
  • Included All New Tiles
  • New Final Event: Pokemon World Championship
  • And the final, easy to play, to save and to enjoy with your GBA Emulator ‚Äď VBA, not hard to play like NDS game
Pokemon light platinum apk download

ROM Infomations:

Pokemon Light Platinum Hack Download For Android
  • Hack Name: Pok√©mon Light Platinum
  • Hack Base: Pokemon Ruby (English)
  • Language: English & Portugal (Brazil)
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Continue to reading for more game medias and infos.

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