S4 League Hack 2014 Download

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Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League (J) (Team Hack 2014 - 4P PK)

Goal_2014Rus_Keeper_bugfix_4pl_PK - it is an original name of hack given by Lipetsk.


S4 League Hack 2014 Download Pc


  • The hack enables to play ONLY PK mode for 4 players.
  • PK time is 10 min.
  • 6 teams are unlocked in versus and PK modes. South Korea was excluded because it has no special fighting moves. Anyway it would be nice to unlock it too.
  • Partial fix of GK bug (by Ti_) (the bug is a jump of GK in an opposite direction when pressing A + B + UP/DOWN in some cases).
  • Now player can make super shot after jump with the ball on the maximum height (hard difficulty only).
  • All players of Japan team are available in versus mode.
  • Default settings for strategy were changed (by Lipetsk): Offence - Pass It, Teammates shoot - Always, Defence - Tackle, Keeper plays - Never.

Bugs (not critical):

  • Incorrect dispaying of icons of players faces during the game.
  • Incorrect dispaying of logos of teams during the intro prior to match.
  • Names of players are not shown in the League mode on the player position screen, but shown in versus mode and only for the first 6 players and 6 originally available teams.
  • Rare bug of freezing of GK in versus mode due to partial fix of GK bug. Often netplay games showed that this bug is very rare.

Summary: the hack is intended for training of goalkeeper skills for 4 players.

  • 000 hp = You can't die
  • 1Hit Kill = You are killing people with only 1 hit
  • Super Speed Hack = You run very very fast
  • Super Jump = You can jump very high
  • Inf sp = You have infinite sp
  • Inf ammo = You have infinite bullets
  • Hit range = You can hit the enemy from anywhere (with swords)
  • Super Wall jump = When you do wall jump it is like you flying
  • ID changer = It is evolving your weapons
  • No Rules = You can get a gun in sword match or a sword in a gun match
  • Kick = You can kick players out of the game
  • Wall hp
  • 200 hp
  • Sentry Detect
  • Download the rar file
  • Extract and name the folder x7
  • Put the x7 folder in S4 league's folder
  • Run as administrator the Loader
  • Run S4 League
  • A window will come then press 'Import'
  • Window will come again then press 'OK'
You are ready to go!!