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Shadez 2: Battle for Earth is the follow up to Shadez: The Black Operations. The player returns as the general of a Mercenary force. This force has been hired by the governments around the world to fight a war that they cannot win. With many nations in ruins from the initial attack, governments have been left with little to defend themselves. This is where you can defeat the enemy and be the dominating force in the world.

The Enemy itself is unknown. This is why you are hired; they came, they saw and they wanted it. They are machine based with no evidence of real intelligence yet just an instinct to kill and eradicate life. They must be stopped before the whole earth is completely wiped-out. Global warming or energy preservation are a thing of the past, survival of the Earth is A1 priority. Now get out there and eradicate them!

Shadez 3 Hacked Download Free

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Sean Cooper notes: back in 1995 a company called Westwood produced an RTS game called Command and Conquer. There had been so many RTS games up to this point, but this one really made the game accessible to all (well most). It was pre windows 95 and it ran on something called DOS, which was the operating system before Windows came along. This game rocked our world, every night we battled against each other in this more action than strategy game. Later EA bought the company and the rest is history.

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Shadez The Black Operations Hacked and with Cheats is a flash game which has many fans of players of all over the world.
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Shadez 3 Hacked

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Shadez 3 Hacked Download
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