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This may come as a cool shock but you DON'T have to download Sherwood dungeon its a browser based game you can play with no download as long as you got a Shock wave player its cool;) just go to. GOLD HACK (some Images are wide and the edges are cut off.) 1. Delete all gold. Go to a floor of the dungeon and grab some gold from a chest/barrel. Open Cheat Engine and select the process running Sherwood. Now Scan the amount of gold you picked up in Cheat Engine. Grab another some more gold.

Clãns Conhecidos:
KDE= Kombatentes De Elite.
BLG= Blue Legion Gladiators.

GDM= Guerrilheiros Do Medal.
CM =Comando Da Morte.
SF =Só Os Fortes.
JC = Justiceiros Criminosos.
SK = Supreme Knights.
GM = Gladiadores Mysticos.
/teleport 1: 'Sherwood Castle'
/teleport 2: 'Haunted Palm'
/teleport 3: 'Frost Bite'
/teleport 4: 'Lost Lagoon'
/teleport 5: 'Isle of Ancient'
/teleport 6: 'Isle of Heroes'
/teleport 7: 'Stone Cicles'
/teleport 8: 'Batle Arena'
Hack/teleport 9: 'Midnight Glade'
/teleport10: 'The Dungeon' (/level<número>)
-Ruby Scrapper.
-Amethyst Marine.
-Shadow Minion.
-Iron Scout.
-Black Guard.
-Jade Minion.
-Emerald Outcast.
-Black Giant.
-Iron Champion.
-Black Militants.
-Amethyst Gladiator.
-Demon Iron.
-Blade Again.
-Amethyst Aniquilador.
-Lava Crawler.
-Ruby Crawler.
-Blade of olympus.
-Ultimate Blade.
-Darkblood Raider.
-Darkblood Valkyrie.
-Darkblood Marauder.
-Darkblood Knight.
-Darkblood Elite.
-Darkblood Bandits.
-Darkblood Champion.
-Leader Shade.
-Black Warriors.
-Iron Nightmare.
-Leader Wraith.
-Shadow Mercenary.
-Emerald Shadow.
-Fire Wraith.
-Captain Shade.
-Cristal Nightmare.
-Cristal Fighter.

-Sea Lizard.
-Lava Lizard.
-Snow Dragon.
-Dragão Areia.

>>Haunted Palm: nível 5 de experiência.
>>Lost Lagoon: nível 20 de experiência.
>>Isle Heroes qualquer nível de experiência.
>>Batle Arena qualquer nível de experiência.

-Flaming Arrow.
-Poison Battle Axe.
-Poison Dagger.
-Long Sword.
-Great Axe.
-Morning Star.

Sherwood Dungeon Hack Pet Download Pc

-Skull of the shandows (utilizado com o escudo Skull of the shandows).
-Darkblood Sword of Chaos (conseguida no quest 'prophecy of Bane').
-Dragon Claw Scepter (conseguida no quest 'prophecy of Bane').
-Barbed Spear.

-Kite Shield of Victory.
-Box Shield of Preservation.
-Notched Shield (conseguido no quest 'prophecy of Bane').
-Trojan Shield (conseguido no quest 'prophecy of Bane').

-Talisman of Ice.
-Amulet of Posion.

Sherwood Dungeon Hack Pet Download Free