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Pra quem precisa de algumas alterações mais avançadas, segue guia de como configurar itens no Stings Maphack

Diablo II: LoD Komodo Mod - Many new features along with many old features to keep you familiar with Diablo. Diablo 2 Sting's 1.10 Maphack file. Esque maphack with lots of kickass. Mousepad's Diablo II Maphack. MousePad Maphack 6.3 finally the real crack RELEASED. Mousepad Charging For Maphack. Jan 05, 2021 Diablo 2 Mousepad Maphack Download; Maphack Diablo 2 1.14d; Jun 05, 2019 Diablo II STING Map Hack: Download or Mirror Download - Feel free to modify the d2hackmap.cfg file to your preffered settings and configuration Download the integrated sting maphack version instead if you experience constant crashes with the default standalone one. D2mr Maphack 1.13d. ABOUT Maphack is a realm and single player hack for Diablo II and Diablo II LOD that adds many useful extra features. Features:- Reveal automap for whole act, including quest features, many shrines and cave/stairway level names.

6) Close D2MR Download File File Name: D2MR MAPHACK - CLEAN for Diablo 2 LOD/Expansion - PATCH 1.13c File Size: 28.0 Kilobytes Description: Simple map revealing tool for Diablo II LOD v1.13c How to use D2MR: 1) Be sure that you are in game with your character standing still. Diablo II Community server. SlashDiablo is a privately operated, community fed, vanilla-like Diablo II Private Server. We host multiple gameservers throughout the world for low-ping gameplay and a suite of quality of life tools.

São muitas opções e descobertas, levamos um tempo pra chegar em um ponto bom e ainda há muito o que melhorar, portanto se conseguir fazer algo legal, poste aqui para termos como referência! Obrigado
Para facilitar a edição, nós colocamos no nosso instalador do d2evo uma pasta 'doc' no seu Diablo 2, lá tem todas as listas de códigos necessárias pra editar o d2hackmap.cfg
O Guia é bem extenso, mas vou mudar a ordem dele e colocar o mais interessante primeiro: como colocar novos itens para sempre aparecer no chão.
Fonte: d2jsp
Muitas das configurações variam entre versões do Stings, portanto podem funcionar ou nãoStings map hack diablo 2 download game

Diablo 2 Lod Maphack 1.14

Section 1 - Setting up Items, for hidden and special coloring.
Section 2 - Understanding the Configuration Options.
Section 3 - How to set the configurations.
Section 4 - Setting up The UBER Items (T,H,D keys, and organs) for special coloring.
Section 1 - Setting up the item lines.
There are two major reasons you want to even mess with items in the Maphack config.
Maphack can NOT read bonuses and the like on items! It can not tell if a claw has +3 to lightning sentry, it can not tell if a superior armor has increased ED or increased Durability! But it can make things more obvious for you. Maphack is meant as a TOOL, not a replacement for the players brain. This is Mousepad's official view, and the farthest he will ever go is to set chicken life levels in Maphack.
ALL OF THE FOLLOWING LINES SHOULD GO AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONFIG FILE, AWAY FROM EVERYTHING ELSE! This allows for easy access and editing, and ensures you wont accidentally mess up another command.
#1 - Maphack can change the color of items to alert you to their presence. Looking for those nice Ethereal 0/6 socket CB's? This can change the color of that items name when you hit alt, and EVEN make it show up on the Automap!
This is a sample of a basic item line. I'm using a 5 socket Crystal Sword on this example, with ethereal/non ethereal not specified.
Item Colours [Crystal Sword] [2,3] [Ethereal, Real] [0,5]: RED, 0x0e // Crystal Sword for CTA

There are SEVEN basic parts to this code. And they're ALL important. Not all items will have all parts of the code, use your head. If its a rune, it cant have a quality, sockets, it cant be ethereal.. heh. Just use your brain. smile.gif
#1 - Item Colours - This part of the code is as basic as it gets. This should be on ALL item codes you use. This is what tells Maphack that this is a code to change the color of an item.
#2 - [Crystal Sword] - This area is quite variable, and should be. This is the item(s) that you want to discolor. You can have multiple items in this place, if you want the same thing from all of them. (Example.. wanting 0/5 socket crystal swords and flails for CTA).
Use Codes: check Doc folder in your d2evo installation (Use códigos, a lista está disponível na pasta 'doc' do seu d2evo)
To add more than one item in a single line, use one of these methods.
[Crystal Sword, Flail] - this method is just a comma and a space between the item names. make sure they're all inside the brackets. []
[Normal Swords] - this is a general item statement. This, specifically, would effect ALL these items. (Note, they're all normal swords.) Short Sword, Scimitar, Saber, Falchion, Crystal Sword, Broad Sword, Long Sword, War Sword, Two Handed sword, Flamberge, Giant Sword, Bastard Sword, Claymore, Great Sword
#3 - [2,3] - This is a must.. the quality of the item you're specifying. The numbers are in order.
1=crude/cracked/otherwise damaged.
To add more than one quality here, use the same method as the item names.
#4 - [Ethereal, Real] - This is the ethereal marker. Personally, for every item with the possibility of being Ethereal, I add this exact line, for easier editing later. This will pick up eth and non-eth items. When you specify with this, [Ethereal] would pick up eth items and [Real] would pick up non-eth items.
#5 - [0,5] - This is pretty straight forward. How many sockets do you want the item to have? You can add as many numbers as you want in there, just separate them with commas. Note - magical and up items will not show up as having sockets until after being identified.
#6 - : RED, 0x0e - There are two variables in this section. Beyond those variables, ALWAYS make sure you have the colon there! If its not in your code, it WONT WORK!
The first, the color BEFORE the comma. - This is the color the items NAME will appear when you hit ALT, or when your mouse cursor is over it.
The second, the color AFTER the comma. - This is the color the item will appear in your MAP. If you do NOT want this item to appear on your map, simply DONT put the second color on there! Simple!
#7 - // Crystal Sword for CTA - This is the least important section. All it does, is tell note for you what the line is. It can be whatever you want, or it can not be there at all. If you use it, make SURE you put the // in front of it, otherwise Maphack will think its a part of the code, and mess up.
#2 - Maphack can HIDE items that you don't need to see! This is a very nice feature, it REALLY helps keep the crowding off the screen when in Baal runs, and the like.
First, sit down, and decide all the items you want to hide. (the hidden items CAN be shown by the touch of a button - default is keypad plus. So don't fear that you loose them forever!)
A list of suggestions for these items include - Cracked/Crude/Low Quality items. Healing/Mana potions (all I allow the game to show me is supers). The weapon potions (poison gas, exploding, ect.). Arrows and Bolts (who ever needs to see these anyway? a good zon restocks regularly.) Also, above, there is a setting to hide low $ gold piles. A very handy feature.
This is a sample line for adding an item to your hidden items list
Item Colours[Bolts, Arrows]: -1, -2 // Hide bolts and Arrows

There are four basic sections to these items. They're quite easy, so don�t worry, you have far fewer decisions to make when HIDING an item, than when highlighting an item (as above).
#1 - Item Colours - Yep. We're still dealing with these bad boys. It just makes life simpler though, because you have one less command you gota worry about. Put these on ALL hidden item lines, too.
#2 - [Bolts, Arrows] - This is, once again, the item in question. This particular one is for Bolts, and Arrows. Both. However, there are OTHER ways to fill this section out! See below for information.
[Bolts] - this targets a single, or multiple items, based on their exact name. Handy for those specific items.
[Normal Swords] - this works JUST like in the change item color area. This would hide ALL normal swords from your sight, unless you turn them on with the key.
[all] - This selects ALL items. When using this, its highly advised you have something else to specify exactly what you mean - for instance, a quality. if you used [all][1], that would hide all items of level 1 quality (cracked, low quality, ect.)
#3 - I know I only said 4 basic sections, and its true in most cases. Unless your being specific. If you want an item of a certain QUALTY, you'd put that here. The format is [1], or [2, 3]. Look at the changing item colors section to see what qualities are what.
#4 - Again, I know I said four! This is for you really really picky people. If you want to hide a certain item, but only if its ethereal, or only if its not ethereal, this is where you add the ethereal marker. the format is [Ethereal] or [Real].
#5 - Yea yea yea! Stop bugging me! I know I said 4! Ugh! This is for the socket area. If you want to hide an item that�s so specific, you only want to see it if it has a certain number of sockets? You can hide all the other ones here. (IE: Mage plate, hide them all that have 1, 2, or 4 sockets.) The format is [1, 2, 4] (using the example) see above for specific instructions.
#6 - : -1, -2 - Ok! Back on track! This is the COLOR area. Yep, that�s right, to hide an item, we're changing its color! This changes it to an INVISABLE color though. And it even works on the ground. Yay? smile.gif Use the exact code as shown in the example, to hide an item. You wont ever change this code, when HIDING items. As before, make sure you have the colon in there! Or it wont work!
#7 - // Hide bolts and Arrows - Ok, this is simple again. Its just a note for you so you know what the code does. Make sure, again, that you're putting this part behind the //, or it will mess up.
Section 2 - Understanding what the various configurations ARE.

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Vou deixar essa parte em spoiler pois o nosso d2hackmap.cfg já explica a maioria dos comandos mais comuns

Section 3 - How to configure the various settings.

Section 4 - UBER ITEMS!