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You can now download Super Mario 64: Ocarina of Time (formerly known as Super Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time).

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  2. Super Toad 64 Rom Hack Download
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Description: This is a full Super Mario World hack that does not only have a new player but new graphics, levels, gimmicks as well as music and sprites. Basically this is not Super Mario World anymore but feels like another game. Edit: This is now compatible on the real hardware as well! Super Mario 64 3D World is a ROM Hack made by Kaze. This is a character hack that allows players to play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach or Rosalina. Unlike in SM64DS, players can select a character in the file select screen and star select screen. The Levels are the same as the original SM64, if you still want to see them go here: Its Not that. Super Mario 64: Last Impact. Check Out This Rom Hack. If there’s one ROM hack worthy of being. Download link: made by: Ankle D. This Super Mario Brothers 3 hack changes the game right down to the core by tweaking the actual game engine itself! Super Mario World Hacks Download Aside from the ‘typical’ graphics and text changes, this hack alters musical melodies, a full line up of all new levels, new power ups, new abilities for Mario, and even new enemies!

You can download the ROM from Kaze Emanuar’s Google Drive. It’s not EverDrive 64 compatible, so you have to play it in an emulator.

Original story, published 25 January 2018:

Merging classic N64 games together seems to be a popular venture in the N64 modding community at the moment.

Last week, we got a first look at Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 REDUX. The week before that, it was the hilarious GoldenEye with Mario Characters mod. And this week, it’s Super Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time.

Currently in development for PC, Super Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time inserts the world of Hyrule into Super Mario 64.

Kaze Emanuar, the modder behind it, has released a YouTube video on his channel. It provides a brief overview, as well as some early footage.

A Mario between worlds

In Super Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time, you explore Hyrule’s overworld and dungeons as Mario.

Hyrule’s iconic locations have been altered to suit the 3D platforming gameplay of Super Mario 64.

Despite some similarities, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 are generally very different games.

In other words, importing Hyrule into the Super Mario 64 engine doesn’t automatically mean a great gameplay experience. As a result, Kaze has made a number of changes to aid the flow of gameplay.

For example, you can use S blocks (as seen in Paper Mario) that are dotted around the overworld to save both your progress and your location. This means you won’t have to always travel all the way back from Kokiri Forest or the Temple of Time every time you boot up the game.

Super Toad 64 Rom Hack Download Windows 10

Mario doesn’t have an ocarina either. As a result, Kaze has modified fairy fountains so that they now act as warp stations.

Super Toad 64 Rom Hack Download

Emanuar says in the video that the plan is to have 150 stars in the final game. But a tweet from yesterday suggests that the final number may in fact be as high as 160.

There isn’t a confirmed release date yet. Nevertheless, Kaze foresees Super Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time taking at least another two months.

If you want to keep an eye on the mod’s development, you can follow Kaze on Twitter.

Super Toad 64 Rom Hack Download

We don’t know whether Super Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time will eventually be playable on EverDrive 64. But, it seems unlikely given how many Super Mario 64 mods are incompatible with original hardware.

Source: Polygon
Image credit: Kaze Emanuar

Super Toad 64 Rom Hack Download Apk


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