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Wed Jan 04 2012, 03:06AM

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Before you do anything.. Consider this.. Do you actually need to run the game in extracted mode??
You only need to extract the game files if you intend on modifying the actual game itself. Weather that be doing rim swaps, adding new car mods (such as the lambo or bmw) or altering the files in the .BNK's ( messing with .bnk files is a whole other story, so dont worry about that right now) . If you have no intention of doing any of that, then you do not need to extract the game archives. Also you do not need to extract the archives if you are just doing sticker imports with texmod.

Now thats out of the way.. onto the fun part
UPDATED on 27/01/2013. Works with the DLC2 build 16 patch.
Just download the needed files below and follow the few basic instructions, to unpack the game.
Things you will need...
  • Most importantly, you will need to be running the Euro version, NOT the Russian version. This cannot unpack the Russian version.
    You can tell if you have the Euro/Russian version. Look at some of your .big files, you will have either 'bigfile_EU_1.big' or 'bigfile_RUS_1.big' EU=Euro RUS=Russia'
  • Also very important, you will need Knyazev's V2.2 extractor files. Found Here
  • You will also need Knyazev's NEW Universal Launcher V3.2. Found HERE+Note Universal launcher is NOT the same as Uplauncher.exe
  • Approximately 30GB of hard drive space for the extracted files and the backup files.
  • Some free time.. It can take anywhere between 10 mins to an hour, depending how fast your computer is.
  • Crayons, paper, glue, scissors and an adult to help with the tricky cutting out.
  • patience..

++This tutorial has now got SUPER EASY to follow, even a monkey could follow how to extract the game now.. In fact a monkey could train his pet goat how to unpack TDU, its that easy..++If you have any issues make sure UAC is turned off and that you run the unpacker in admin mode.
OK now to get started.... You have 2 choices with this unpacker. Either unpack just the DLC2 updates or unpack everything..
  • 1 Download the Unpacker and the launcher from the links above, to somewhere you can remember, like your desktop.
  • 2 Extract the contents of the unpacker to your desktop, then copy all of the files to your Main TDU game folder, See fig #1
  • 3 Now run either the 'unpack_full.bat' to unpack the whole game, or run the 'unpack_dlc2_v031.bat' to unpack just the DLC content.
  • 4 Thats it, it should be unpacking now ( see fig 4 and 5) , give it some time ( it can take up to 30-45 minutes )
  • 5 Once finished, Extract the universal launcher to your main game folder. Start the game using that instead of Uplauncher.

What happens when its running??? Firstly the unpacker will open a command prompt window (fig4) and start listing all the files it is extracting from the .big and .map files ( your main game archives) see (fig 2 and 3 ) As its extracting them, they will be placed in your main game folder, see (fig 5).
Once it has finished extracting, it will rename and then move all the files to their correct folder locations. When it has finished moving all the files ( that part only takes a short amount of time) you are ready to play the game. Use the universal launcher to run the game instead of Uplauncher to avoid the auto file check.
OK go away now.. you are done. let me sleep
Have fun.. Nobby
Big thanks to. All the guys who worked on all the internal filenames. And Knyazev for releasing a super easy unpacker AND a new version of universal launcher... You rock dude!
Edit 30/9/12 Donnie:

The Thanks goes to ExigeDriver for this nice video-tutorial.

You Are About To Download The File Tdu2 Hack Rar Free

You are about to download the file tdu2 hack rare

You Are About To Download The File Tdu2 Hack Rare

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